Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31

Well, well, well... it's with a great deal of tiredness that I greet you this morning, dear last day of the month. This tiredness is not from my relentless blogging for all of blogtober. No, no, no, dear last day of the month I am made of stronger stuff than that.
Am I pleased I made it? Hell, yes.
Did I for one tiny minute consider joining the daily my creative space posting for November?
The most teeny tiniest of minutes I did. Then I shook myself out of it.
Will I continue to blog regularly? Only time will tell, dear last day of the month, only time will tell.

I'd like to say yes... but you know me and my organisational skills.

So how has your day been, last day of the month? What about you, dear readers?
Was it a pleasant day? Did you have such jolly lovely weather as we did?
How did you spend your day?

Mine, went a little like this:

12:30am:  Went to bed. Bed nice and cosy thanks to the two already sleeping bodies in there.

7:00am:  Woke up very tired and remembered that despite this being Andy's day off, I had promised Lily I would help out at school this morning. sigh.  Got up and made lunches and did all the boring morning mum stuff.

8:30am:  Rode to school with the two shorter family members. Beautiful warm morning. Bliss.

8:45 - 11:00am: Helped out in Lily's classroom's Working Bee for their school fair's stall on Sunday. Finished it off with a wee bit of macrame.

11:00am: Rode home with this wee lad, stopping at the shops for something to eat and some chai.

From thereon, time seems a bit vague and I'm not sure what happened.

I attempted to lay down and sleep, no real luck as Toby just wanted to play and jump all over me. *sigh*

I got up when Andy came home with his catch of the day; some snapper and squid.

I spent about five hours this afternoon working on a pattern in testing, ironing out a few issues and making it easier to follow. Lace can be a real bitch at times, I tell you.
The pattern? this one.

All sorted! Had some yummy dinner cooked by Andy, who also took the kiddies off for a walk after dinner to visit a few neighbours.

Completed and submitted my tax return. 9:04:34pm. Even in quite early this year comparatively!

Had copious cups of tea, and looked in despair at the unmade beds and toys scattered everywhere. *sigh*

Did not get to finishing off de-pilling Toby's cardie. That can wait until tomorrow.

Wrote blog post and thought about the final touches on this pattern:

Decided it could wait until tomorrow.
Thought about all the pms and emails I have to answer.
Suddenly felt very tired.
Decided to go and knit for awhile before bed.



  1. That red cardy is just lovely!
    I love the sound of your day - especially the bit about the snapper. Yum.

  2. I've loved the little daily updates from your keyboard, Georgie :). I have found myself looking forward to them! Thank you for meeting the challenge of blogtober - it's been so much fun!

    And I have serious knitting lust for that red cardi!

  3. HUGS...I feel your lethargy from over here :(
    But totally utterly love that cardi!! would love to make one for my niece.
    That bit about knitting before going to bed? I get that ;) Although tonight I'm winding a couple of centre-pull balls. I tell myself I'm winding-down when I'm winding up all that lovely yarn........
    Really enjoyed your posts this month! Thank you so much :)

  4. The cardy is gorgeous, I failed miserablly in Blogtober sigh! I feel your pain, it seems sometimes that there are never enough hours in the day for just mum. Perhaps set your calendar alarm for one day a week and post a blog post, we like to read what you are up to - even if it's just a photo or a howdy. Love the cardy, I'm nowhere being able to knit something so beautiful. Love and hugs!

  5. Well, at least you know you'll have one November post under your belt: your October 15th giveaway!


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