Saturday, October 25, 2008

getting ready for baby...

oh poor neglected blog, I'm sorry to have left you in this sorry state without any attention.

We've been busy getting ready for the arrival of our new little baby, which will be here very soon!  This has involved unpacking and washing lots of baby stuff that hasn't seen any action for three and a half years.  Lily has been terribly helpful in trying everything out to make sure it still functions well.

First out came the change table for Daddy to repaint.  She was a bit concerned about the shelves on the table and told him, "Daddy, we're only having one baby not three!"  
Once it was all pretty and set up, she thought it best to climb up and lie on top to test it out and have her pretend nappy changed.  Once the teeny tiny nappies were washed and added to the shelves, these of course were eagerly tried on all the dolls!

Next up, the bassinet top for on the pram. This obviously passed with flying colours for comfiness as I found her like this one evening....
asleep in there!

She's been giving the baby carriers a try out too.  Her favourite toy Ellie the Elephant got a ride in the mei tai.  Lily put in an order for me to make her a kid sized mei tai, a sling, and thinks she'd also like a kid sized ergo!

The amby hammock was also set up which Lily spent much time gazing at longingly and saying, "I wish I could have a go in that." Despite being a bit of a lightweight she's probably a smidge over the weight it will comfortably hold.
So when it was dismantled and the hammock part placed on the ground she took full advantage and endeavoured to try it out.  I think she's going to stick to our bed though ;)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

spring shorts

just added a couple of pairs of Spring shorts to the store.

A pair of size 3 pants and more shorts to come later in the week, maybe weekend :)