Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring has Sprung KAL

If you know me well, you know organisation is NOT one of my strongest points.
I am easily overwhelmed by everything.
I take on too much.
I get snowed under.
I procrastinate.
I am unbelievably easily distracted and am very very very forgetful.
I live in a chaotic state masquerading under some semblance of order.
And sometimes, it's all just a bit too much.
Well, perhaps I'm not really fooling anyone.

ANNNNNy way, that's a long winded way of saying, here it is halfway through September October and OMG, while I was pondering what to blog about tonight, I realised I actually haven't even blogged the KAL I am hosting on my Ravelry Group!

Do you know about my Ravelry Group?
My dear BKFF (that means Best-Kntting-Friend-Forever) the very very talented Shannon Passmore of Crafty Desires Fame set it up for me many moons ago.
I think she knew I was too dis-organised to do it!  

Here's a link to it.  Go and check it out. There's loads of chatter and you get to see what everyone is knitting from my patterns. I quite like that, it's a bit spesh.

Soooo basically, I'm hosting a Spring has Sprung KAL to celebrate the gloriousness that is Spring and well, you know, knitting.

There are a few basic guidelines, which you can read here.  pssst: if you read through that you'll find a discount code you can use for my patterns for the duration of the KAL.

The KAL runs for all of Spring, so will finish at the end of November. yippeee!

The idea is to be inspired by Spring, and knit something Spring worthy.

Ask yourself the question:

 What does Spring mean to me?

To me, it's all about the Sunshine and wattle blossoms. My husband proposed in Spring in a volcanic crater rimmed with Blackwood blossoms (if you've ever knit my Buninyong pattern you may know the story).  The colour yellow and love feature pretty strongly in what Spring means to me.

And there are prizes!

I'm donating some random patterns here and there, but I have some real true sponsors, which is all very exciting!

I'm going to introduce one of my sponsors tonight.

The Wool Shack is one of my favourite online yarn stores to drool over. Jemma stocks some awesome stuff. Did you know she also stocks my patterns?

Jemma has generously donated a Namaste Better Buddy case and a circular needle case in colour of choice. Don't you just love the yellow one? I do, I reaaaaaally do!!!

I asked Jemma what Spring means to her, and this is what she said:

Definitely colour!  I love colour, so as the weather starts to change I get excited about the possibilities of Spring shades - love, love, love the sorbet shades and the retro feel they evoke.  I look forward to knitting some light weight, drapey cardies for the tran-seasonal weather.

Sooo... are you keen to join in?
Have you already joined in?
What are you knitting?

Come and join in and share your FO and your chatter over here in this thread....

See you there!!


  1. Loving reading all these new blog posts, you sound so much like me. I am also forgetful and easily distracted and terribly disorganised! I love the Wool Shack too. Jemma is fantastic and given where I live it is pretty much as close as I can get to having a LYS. Hmm Wondering if I can get my act together and finish my elizabeth in 8 days...Probably not! :-D

  2. Oh my, you sound like me! So refreshing :)


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