Saturday, October 20, 2012

a tale of anouk

A very long time ago I knit Lily a dress. This was way before I was designing my own kids' designs.  In fact, this was when Lily was still a wee little baby, and it was the only dress I knit her as a baby! Hard to believe, but yep that's true!

This was knit way before the time of Ravelry, way before knitting became the new yoga.
I found the pattern online on a site called Knitty, the pattern was Anouk.

Lily is just four months old in this photo. She was an alert little thing, hey! Look at that cheeky grin!

I knit this in Cleckheaton Country, subbing the aran weight yarn for a dk. I also modified the pattern to knit it circularly. 

This dress has done some hard yards since it was knit in 2005. Lily wore it heaps and for many years.  I have a photo of her in it at 29 months of age, but suspect she wore it way past then. In fact, I once blogged about the longevity of this wee garment.  It's been passed on to cousin Sage, who is now about 3 and a half and Anouk has found her way back to us.

This morning I gave Anouk a de-pill and debated whether my other sister would like it for her wee girl when Lily found it and oohed and aahed over it.  The temptation to try it on was just too much!

It's no longer a dress, and to be honest, it's barely just a top but she's taken it back and declares it hers and she'll wear it. Obviously, the poor child is so short on knitted clothes she can't give this one up!

The microphone.. DK gave each of the kids an old microphone each today. They have been constant companions. We have had a rock-star cafe in the cubby house and an odd sort of game of charades. I had to pry it out of Lily's hand after she'd fallen asleep.

I'm going to try and wrestle Anouk from her tomorrow to pass on to another baby girl.  And who knows, in three or so years time when it returns home she can try it on again! 


  1. I loved anouk and discovered it and knitty when getting back into knitting when I had my six year old son. I remember your anouk on the rav project page from my research, but didn't realise it was yours! I had a daughter who is now 4 got to knit an Anouk for her.

  2. Yep, another Anouk knitter here. As I recall, Alison's (now 6) was made in TWC Orchard with Merlot pockets. Ah, the memories. No idea what happened to mine.

  3. ohmygoodness! how cute! and so wonderful that ll of these years later, she's donning it still. i love it! xo

  4. Those little pockets with the flowers on them are just adorable.


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