Friday, October 05, 2012

The bush block

As we've been forced out of our house, we decided to spend the last few days up at the family bush block near the Grampians.

The kids were absolutely stoked with this, as the bush block affords them a real sense of wild. They get up early and roam through the bush at will, often shoeless and by themselves. It gives them a wonderful experience of responsibility and independence that they wouldn't get elsewhere.

For Toby, sticks is where it's at. He spends the whole time here with one stick or another in his hand. For Lily, her freedom is epitomised by her Pa's Akubra which she dons almost as soon as she gets here.

We took our usual pilgrimage to the local fossicking site today's, a short track through the bush.

There were gates to open and close.

And being Spring, oh so many Wildflowers!

These are my favourite orchids.

The kids love the gem fields and fossick for what can seem like hours in search of that elusive smoky quartz.

This is a great spot for fossicking, as you always, and I mean always, find something! Perfect for the kids.

Even Blythe got into the act and had a bit of a search for some gems.

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  1. The Grampians are beautiful. I havn't been for a long time and this place looks like so much fun for children. I think I might need to plan a stop on the next road trip we take between Melbourne and Adelaide!


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