Friday, October 19, 2012

my creative space: retrospective

Yesterday was my creative space day; another blog-hop, meme, link-up thingamajig.
I took some photos yesterday, which I completely forgot about when it came to blogging last night.
As it's never too late for creativity, here's what my creative space has entailed over the last 24 hours:

 Some pattern editing.
(I'm working on Gwendolyn.)

Some blocking.
(This is a new pattern and this garment is something for meeeee!!)

 Some baking.
(These are chia and linseed spelt cheese and vegemite scrolls whipped up in the TMX. The thermos has hot chocolate in it. These are the kids post swimming snacks on a Thursday night.)

 And because it seems that 12 swimming lessons over the past two weeks (thanks to the school's intensive swimming sessions as well as her regular weekly one) is not enough swimming for Miss Lily, my creative space had a lovely outdoor vista today.
By the way, this wee lass really rocks that board!!!

 This boy is just damn cute!

It's a tough place to have to spend your time sitting and knitting. The view really is shocking.

Today I finished off a sweet little cardie for our Blythe dolls. Once I've weaved in ends, added buttons and blocked, I'll share some photos.

I've been having so much fun playing with the panorama setting on my new iPhone5.  I love the fisheye look you get.

I've taken some awesome photos but also had some rather interesting results. I'm not sure what the blob in the middle is. And the weird black bits at the top is from where I haven't quite stayed in a straight line and perhaps moved around a bit quickly. Look to the left of the photo. There are two Tobys, but one has no head!!!

I am so glad the weekend is here!
I'm hoping to get stuck into a new pattern.
What have you got planned?

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  1. Oooh, I'm excited about a new mama-design! Can't wait to see!
    The snacks look yummy too (though as a New Englander, I cannot support the use of vegemite...). ;)

    1. LOL yes, I think vegemite is something only an Aussie can love!! (although it is pretty nice in a cheesy scroll :) )

  2. We have had great weekend mainly spending it outdoors as we are having lovely weather. Look forward to seein your new pattern!


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