Saturday, October 06, 2012

The design process

I'm still blogging from on the road, we'll be home tomorrow but the bad news is that our floors won't be finished... A hold up in supplies means they'll be laid on Monday.

Anyway, I thought I might spend some time in October blogging about my design process, as I had a few questions about that. Luckily, while up at the block I came up with a new design. Yippee!!!

I've been pondering a wee little boy's cardigan for awhile, I've been dreaming about a circular yoke with colourwork be it stripes, fair isle or something. But I just hadn't quite landed on it. Just waiting for the perfect inspiration. And then it struck.

I'm sort of cheating by showing you what it will look like when finished...sort of.
Luckily I'd taken away five balls of Skeinz vintage that the lovely Maree sent me last year. I've been wanting to use these for ages, waiting for the perfect project, the perfect inspiration.

With the idea bubbling and perfect stitch pattern found, I set about swatching to see if it would work. I swatched the stitch pattern in the colours I wanted, threw in an increase row to see how it would fare. Pleased with the result, I added the rib edging to mimic the neckband and buttonband.

All this gets carried out with my trusty visual diary in hand, notes being scrawled around my original sketch to remind of the best increase, any changes to the swatch I need to make, or just general thoughts about the emerging pattern.

I sat with this all day. Pinned it on the boy to contemplate it. I do so like it. I do so love this colour combination, it reminds me of something I would expect to see knit in Shetland yarns.

What I really love about this stitch pattern is it looks fancy, it looks complicated but it is deliciously simple!

I am so pleased I loaded Numbers onto my iPad before we left. I spent yesterday evening grading the whole size range into a spread sheet, which means all I need now to do is order some more yarn, knit the sample and convert the spread sheet into the written pattern.

How damn exciting is that!

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  1. oooh! i like it too. i have two little boys that would look so cute in it. looking forward to your creation!

  2. Just like that! You make it seem so easy Georgie you clever clogs! Which app do you use to put your numbers into a spreadsheet on your iPad? All the best for the floor on Monday !

  3. Bugger about the floors, but it sounds like a lovely break away, and so productive too - well done you!

  4. ooh wonderful! Yes, you do make it look so very easy and I know it's not! I was wondering too what do you use for your numbers? Is there an app you can use or are they numbers you have figured out along the way?

    Looking forward to seeing this one come together.

    I was also interested in the 'tester' process. Do you get people to test each size and give you feedback, do you get more than one of each size? Do you usually choose the same testers and is that based on anything in particular? Just curious about it all :-)

  5. Julia, the app I use is called Numbers, it's the Mac version of excel and you can transfer the file to excel if need be. That's what I meant by Numbers LOL

    Ann, my sizing numbers are all based on the Yarn Council of America standard sizings for body measurements. From there I decide how much ease I'd like for each section of the body. There are certain figures that I reuse, like my armhole depths, that I've figured out work best for me over the years.

    My testers come from a group of regular testing. I'll blog more about that as my design gets to the testing stage.

  6. You are making me all misty seeing my lovely Vintage - Thanks tikki - I can't wait to see the finished product!


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