Sunday, October 28, 2012

rockin' good time

I missed a day of blogtober.

I had been doing so well until this weekend, I'm even managed to prepare blog posts while away on holiday, amongst house reconstructions and painting, while releasing new patterns. But this weekend did me in. I don't mind though as we had a hooting good time.

I had a real weekend off, took my pleasure knitting and headed with the family down to the south west for Kennedys Creek Music Festival.

And what a fabulous little music festival it is!

It was like returning to the days of our youth, a fabulous little non-commercial music festival in a bush setting. In this case it was a wee cute hall in a bush clearing, with campsites for anyone who desired one in the bush.  

The music line-up was incredibly awesome! And we got to feast on the silky tunes of Jackson McLaren, the thumping awesome beats of Red Eagle and this year's Splendour in the Grass winners Kingswood, plus heeeeeeaps more great music. Every single band was awesome!

What we particularly liked is that it is a family friendly festival. And our little people had a ball!

Lily was the fashion hit of the festival. Both Lily and I had sooooo many people ask us about her dress. Apparently she told one lady, "This pattern hasn't been released yet but my mum will releasing it soon." bless!

And in between all their dancing, exploring and playing with cars and other assorted toys, there was drawing to be done.

More dancing.....

and back to the drawing..

and then when night time came there was still no stopping them...

more dancing..

and more drawing (by torchlight!)

The kiddos did really well and rocked it out until almost 10pm. We took them back to our tent, tucked them into their sleeping bags and wondered how on earth they'd get to sleep. Lily nodded off pretty quickly. Toby was a bit more of a monkey, and I had to lay down with him. Finally, both Toby and I succumbed to sleep despite Kingswood playing in the background (what I did hear was great, and Andy said they were his favourite!)

It was a bit of disrupted sleep, well for me but Toby and Lily slept through any outside noise and appeared bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning.

Sunday morning was a more relaxed pace, which the kids took full advantage of and stormed the stage while it was vacant. 

And doesn't every little boy dream of playing guitar on stage?

Did you have a good weekend?
Did you party like we did?

P.S. Looking back at these photos I realise how full of knits they are! I just counted 10 different items I knitted, not to mention the giant granny square rug my mum created!

Wool rocks!


  1. Hello you, I linked, I hope thats ok, can't speak, to knackered!! xx

  2. What an awesome weekend you had!!! And yes I did notice all the handknits - clever you ;)

  3. Looks like you had a heap of fun, love all the different knits!

  4. I noticed all the handknits too and was counting as I read through! I think it's wonderful that they are all being worn and cherished so much in every day life. Just perfect :-)


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