Friday, October 26, 2012

stash storage

How do you store your stash?

Are you one of those knitters who has it tucked away in every possible crevice and hidey hole in your house? Or are you out and proud about it?

My approach is a bit of both.

The majority of my stash is incredibly organised, mostly. Which for me is something pretty amazing. I have a number of larger tubs in my craft studio (which is so not as impressive as it sounds ~ trust me!) dedicated to Cotton, Organic Yarns, 8ply, Worsted, 4ply, etc. You get the picture, all wool yarns are all organised according to weight. I have to admit I do have one or two random tubs that are basically stuffed full of all the extra stuff that has arrived since I did that wonderful organising. For the majority, it works for me as I know where to look if I need some 8ply wool or cotton.  It would work a lot better if I just organised those last couple of tubs properly too.

I do, however, like to have some yarn on display. I'm not a cabinet type of display person for yarn. I prefer yarn in more unexpected places. 

This is my favourite spot.

I like to also have a small basket inside of the yarns I'm planning to use next, for a quick swatch or reminder of we're I'm heading. I haven't been getting much knitting done at all the last few weeks so this little basket is looking quite full.

Do you have any interesting or unusual ideas for displaying your yarn?
I'd love to hear about them.

Today's Spring KAL sponsor is:

who is donating a gorgeous selection of yarns. I love that Suzy Hausfrau stocks such a wonderful array of organic yarns, all of which I am very eager to try. I have some gorgeous Swan Islands 4ply that arrived from Suzy a few weeks ago that I am super eager to cast on.

P.S. I am really enjoying reading everyone's knitting stories. Some have bought a tear to my eye, some have made me clucky, some have made me laugh but they have all made me smile; they are all such gorgeous stories. Thank you every one for sharing them with me!

Don't forget you have until the end of the month to add your story if you haven't already. You can add it here and be in the running to win 10 of my patterns!!


  1. I have a bowl/vase thing like yours, but that's where I put my left-overs, all neatly balled up. It looks really pretty but it's also very convenient when I need some waste yarn, to do some mending or add a feature colour.

  2. That looks great, but where is all the dust hiding. Coal fires dust here would ruin the lovely yarn, I'd have to have a lid on it and then more dusting lol.

  3. I fear the dust, too, so I don't have a gorgeous bowl like yours.

    My stash is in Rubbermaid tubs tucked in my closet and what won't fit in the Rubbermaid tubs is zipped inside a bag that used to house a storebought comforter. I have a deal with myself----my stash cannot overwhelm my current storage containers.

    Thankfully, I still have an empty zippered comforter bag! Those bags can hold a LOT of yarn!!!


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