Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have been so so tired.
A combination of late nights, too much work and an overload of pressure.

I tried to have an afternoon nap, which I never do, but Toby would not let me. He thought I was lying down so he could jump on me and cuddle me. Sweet boy!

Today I forced the kids down to the park for some photos of them in their Griffin and Gwendolyn together. They were complete ratbags and I gave up on Toby after awhile, thinking the photos were going to be crap. He kept squinting and putting his hand up to his eyes like a pirate.

But perhaps I should have persisted as the photos were really pretty good.

WARNING: Photo overload coming!!


  1. The warning should have been: "Heart-melt-ville ahead!"
    Such lovely captures!!!

  2. Oops! clicked "Publish" by mistake!
    Wanted to pass on warm, fuzzy and energising vibes...hoping somehow you'll feel refreshed again soon.

  3. Not crap at all. This post reminded me of another post I would be interested in reading. How do you manage all you do? When do you squeeze in knitting while caring for a family? I feel like I accomplish so little...

  4. They are awesome photos, especially love the one of them facing away, showing the hoods. Very cute.

  5. These two are just adorable, as are the patterns. No hint at all that they were driving you nuts!!!
    So looking forward to finishing this semester and being able to do more knitting than thirty minutes a night! lol

  6. Better than pretty good - they are gorgeous!!

  7. Looks like such a perfectly quiet and peaceful afternoon :) That's the great thing about photos!
    Am loving reading all your blog posts - hope you find some peaceful space soon.

  8. oh that last one... they are so sweet! i need to get some noro kureyon immediately!

  9. I've seen those knits up close and personal and they are bloody GORGEOUS!!

    It was great to meet you tikki and hope to catch you again next year. xx


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