Sunday, October 07, 2012

An old hat

Tonight I'm sitting in this weird space that used to be my lounge room but there's no flooring, and none of my belongings. The house has that empty echoey feel about seems really big, although it's not. Our bedroom, also empty except our mattress, however, seems really small. Quite bizarre!

This whole semi-moving process really made me feel for my sister, the eternal transient, who has moved houses more often than anybody I know I suspect. She's old hat at it now and has it down to a fine art, which is no mean feat with four kids.

So anyway, while I rattle around our little echolalia, here's a couple of photos of an old hat I took up at the block.

It's nice to find something you've knit years ago, particularly on the heads on such cute little ones. I knit this hat way way way pre-kids, around the year 2000 I'd guess.

I remember working the crown using dpns. And I love how even my tension was for the colourwork, trust me,this has never been blocked!

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