Monday, October 01, 2012


I love October! And every year I am so glad to greet its arrival. October really truly means the end of the Winter months. Despite being a month into Spring, it is really October when you can really sense the warming air. Although, a few days ago when we experienced what I think was our coldest day this year I wouldn't have said that. But now it is October and all that is behind us! Bring on the sunshine and happy salad days, I say!

Today we celebrated October by a morning at the beach.

You could just feel that Summer was coming and we're all anticipating the warmer weather arriving in the next few days. Lily was quite disappointed that she couldn't go snorkelling today... not quite the conditions for it really. She's used to seeing this stretch of beach at low tide when it is home to the most glorious rock pools and super super snorkelling fun for kids.

It's a really special spot. This was where Andy and I spent our last day as carefree young DINKs. That evening Lily began her push to this world.

October also means a return of Blogtoberfest! woot! This year it's being hosted by the lovely Kat from I Saw You Dancing. Kat is so lovely that she dropped by my blog to remind me about blogtober. How did she know I was so forgetful!!!! You can click on the pretty image below to get to Kat's blog and join up too.

So yes, this will be my third attempt at BlogtoberFest and this year, I might just make it through to the end. I'm thinking, possibly the same as I did last year, this could get me back into good blogging habits again.

This year, I'm going to be honest and admit I need some help. I need to feel the love to get me over the line, well and some ideas too.

So what I want from you, dear reader, is some ideas about what you would like me to write about. I have another 30 days to go.. so plenty of scope.

Do you want to read about knitting related stuff? (given that's most of my crafting, let's hope so!)
Do you want me to tell you about my stash? What needles I use? What are my favourite yarns? Whose patterns would I knit if I had the time? What I'm knitting at the moment? What patterns I'm working on? Do you want me to review a book, a yarn, needles,  a gizmo or knitting App?

Do you want to know about my other crafting ventures?
Maybe I can do some sewing to blog about? or cross stitch?
Or do yo want me to delve into the often untouched world of my Wholefoods thermomix adventures?

Who knows maybe you just want to see photos of my adorable children?

Give me ideas, loads of them, and if I use yours I shall gift you one of my patterns (except for those under an exclusivity deal) ~ that sounds quite important! in either pdf or printed form.


  1. I would love to see you blog about your beautiful sewing - the few tikki pieces we have here are much loved (and now sadly much too small!)

  2. I love your knitting patterns and all things yarn related! I also like you family adventure stories, maybe some recipe sharing would be good too.

  3. I follow your blog mostly to hear about your knitting patterns, but I think all those ideas sound great. The beach looks lovely - maybe some more about your local area and it's beauty?

    I'm into wholefoods and one day wouldn't mind getting a thermomix myself, so would love to hear others' ideas on their wholefoods cooking.

    Good luck in your efforts to blog every day this month.


    I am super keen to hear from you on all things yarn especially your fav yarn stores. Anything knitty will be lovely. And yes, lets see your other crafts. I am a new visitor here so it wouldn't bother me if you did a round up of old posts!

    I'm a whole foods nut but with no thermomix sadly. My vitamix gets a great workout though. But I'm sure your fav recipes can be reconfigured in my little head to suit my kitchy tools.

    I'm looking forward to what you will write and share. xxx

  5. I am a follower of your blog and a part of some of your Ravelry KAlS. I do love your knitting patterns and always love any post that's knitting related. Having said that, I am a sewer as well as a knitter so would love to read any sewing related posts as well. I am interested to know where you purchase your wool (any new wool sources are always welcome!) as well as some ideas about books and needles etc. I have been trying to source new needles (especially circular needles) so would be interested in your thoughts.

    I would also be really interested to know what the process of designing a pattern is for you. Where does one begin?!!! I have ideas but NO IDEA what to do with them!

    Also interested in any books you might recommend as good reads.

    Definitely interested in wholefoods too!

    Perhaps you could do a post about what we can expect (no pressure!) in the way of upcoming pattern releases? I need to start planning a Noro purchase for a Gwendolyn and am wondering when that might be out!?

    I am would be interested to hear about who's patterns you would knit and why. Which designers do you love - is it because they knit in a similar way to you, or perhaps because it gives you an opportunity to learn something new that you then incorporate into your designs or is it just because you love their patterns?

    Whatever you write about I will be checking in and enjoying it :)

  6. um, YES to all of those things :D
    can't wait to read about them all!

  7. Would love to read about any of the things you mentioned. Would also be interested in how long it takes you to knit something (something already designed)--basically how fast do you knit? How many items of a favorite designs have you made? Quite nosey aren't I?

  8. All of the above, but would love to hear about your stash - I tend to buy for each project (worry that I won't have enough if I stash it) so would be interested in hearing how you stash

  9. I'd love to hear more about your family and your adventures.

    I adore your designs, so I'd really like to hear about your design process, how you decide what to do next, how you upsize girl patterns to mama size, and stuff like that.

    Really, everything above and more! :)

  10. Oooo... This is kind of like a choose your own adventure, blog style!

    The thing I love about blogs, is the way they let you surf on to others things that interest you - I found my all time favourite cupcake recipe because I blog surfed. So, for me, reviews and tips & tricks are the kind of thing I'd like - maybe a tutorial on your favourite technique, your neverfail jam recipe, a review of your favourite yarnie (or even just a list of your favourite yarns and whe to get them!).

  11. Great blogging for Blogtoberfest! Thank you. I'd love to hear more about your knitting, of course! But...I'm also curious as to how you manage with kids, housework and knitting/designing time? Clearly your daughter thinks you knit all the time given your recent FB posts (so sweet!)

    I am a mom to three wonderful, busy kiddies, aged 7, 5 and 3 and I work part time and do all the housework etc too. I've just designed my first pattern (socks) and would love to hear more about how you make it all work! Thank you!

  12. I'd lov to hear about your life in general, how you manage designing, the area in which you live etc. I love hearing about your family and life. Also what inspires your designs :)

  13. I really enjoyed your post on childhood knits. I would love to read more about how you got into knitting and any great or horrendous first knitting project stories. Are any of your children interested in knitting?

    I see many mentions to whole foods. I have a three year old who I am trying to provide more veggies for. I would welcome suggestions on how you prepare healthy foods for your children.

  14. Another idea: maybe a spotlight on your favorite fellow designer? I am always fascinated to know who inspires my favorite designers.

  15. Another thought: any time of day you prefer to knit? Or as it is in my case, time of day you get time to knit? Do you multitask with reading, tv? Any favorite shows or movies to knit to?

  16. One last chance for me! I thought also maybe a feature on your design space or your favorite way to block and care for your knitted garments?


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