Wednesday, October 03, 2012

down by the seaside

Today I was going to blog about the release of a recent pattern, Tobias, but that is going to have to wait.

Tomorrow we move out of our house while the builders move in, we're having the floating floors in our entire place replaced. This is what happens when your dishwasher has a major flooding incident and they no longer make the floor type you have.

Anyway, the long and short of it, has meant this afternoon was spent emptying our all removable furniture items, like bookshelves, buffets, cabinets, etc. in preparation for the builders. They'll move all our furniture out but we needed to empty them first. All the inners of that furniture is currently residing in the study/playroom, all stacked neatly up... computers have been shut down and are inaccessible.

Before tackling this task we decided to make the most of the wonderful weather and ventured down to the beach for an early morning low-tide snorkel; the first of this season!

We live five minutes drive from Point Lonsdale, and our favourite kid friendly snorkeling is just out the front of the lighthouse. At low tide, it becomes the most amazing wonderland of rockpools and rock platforms with caves and arches to explore. The ocean is part of a marine sanctuary so when you venture out on a flat day, there are plenty of fish to see.

The water is still quite cold, yes indeed. To make the most of it and really enjoy it, full length wetties were essential. Toby is finally big enough for Lily's hand-me-down wetsuit. He's extremely stoked with it, and spent last evening in it. He even ate dinner in it. Lily, I am very pleased to say, selected this lovely blue wetsuit as her new one. What a perfect hand-me-dwon that will be!

It's still only the start of Spring really here. The water is only just starting to warm up, but there's something just so lovely about a morning at the beach.

If you're wondering why Lily and Toby are wearing their sandals in the water, it's because they are Salt Water sandals. They don't rust and designed for use in salt water, perfect for stylish kids who like to rockhop!

We have vowed to go for a snorkel every weekend where possible at low tide from hereon. Let's hope we do! It was so blissful and despite the drudgery of the day's chores I was perfectly relaxed, thanks to the lovely feel of salt in my hair.

How did you spend your day?
Did you have such glorious weather as we did? I hope so!

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  1. What a wonderful way to start the day, that first photo is gorgeous!!! I hope the floor replacement goes smoothly and speedily!

  2. such a beautiful place to live :) hope the floor replacement is quick and stress free!

  3. Good luck with the floor replacement! What are you getting put down instead now?

  4. We're replacing with the same, jarrah floating floor...the water damaged section couldn't be fixed.


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