Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What I'm working on...

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who left comments yesterday and gave me some awesome ideas for some upcoming blog posts. Every post had some great ideas and I think I  will be working my way through the whole list!  Today I'm a little limited as it's quite late and for some of the posts I have planned I'd really like to snap some photos.... so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. 

By the way, it's not too late to add your ideas to yesterday's post about what you'd like to read about. The more ideas the better!

The idea for today's post came from Annwen, who suggested:
"Perhaps you could do a post about what we can expect (no pressure!) in the way of upcoming pattern releases?"

Today, this really appealed to me for the simple reason that at the moment I don't actively have a design on the needles. This is a rare occurrence for me, and in fact, when I packed our basket for the beach this afternoon I had to really think about what knitting to take!

This doesn't mean I don't have any designs on the needles, heaven forbid! I do. Truth be told there are quite a few in varying states of completion, but most of those have not been touched for quite some time, so they're not what I would consider "active designs". There is some logic there, I promise.

It feels strange but sort of liberating when you're at this in-between stage. I have to decide whether to start something new, something that may have been itching away at me for a while, or to return to one of my half completed design.  This time around I am committing to returning to a few of my half completed designs.

In July, I compiled a list of all those half completed designs. Some had patterns half written, some had prototypes half knit, some had prototypes knit and patterns almost completed.. but something had distracted me and I hadn't returned to it. The list was a lot longer than I thought it would be. So I promised that every time I reached this point, I would work on at least one of these patterns before starting something new. And it has been working!

Following this approach, I managed to get Tobias released, (which reminds me I haven't blogged that release. That's tomorrow's topic taken care of)

and also have both Griffin

 and Gwendolyn

 with the testers.

Griffin is pretty much ready to go, it just needs the final tech editing, etc. That process will begin next week, and the release shouldn't be too long after that.
Gwendolyn is probably still another 4 or 5 weeks off from release, once the full process has run its course.

Next week, I'll also be sending another pattern off to the testers, Olinda:

While this is all happening, I'll be returning to a series of smaller patterns I have in the works. I have a couple of dolly patterns that are so close to being ready to go to the testers, and a handful of accessory patterns that I think I'd like to group as an e-book. We'll see!

P.S. The two knits at the top of this post are Granny's favourite and What Big Eyes You Have! These patterns were part of the Red Riding Hood Yarns Winter Yarn Club and will be released to the general public in March 2013. See, I'm organised ;)

Yarns used in this post were:
RRHY 'Belle' Superwash DK, WOOLganics Organic Merino Knitters Yarn and Noro Kureyon.


  1. I keep on checking your Olinda for progress.
    I am dying to knit it.
    Love that you are blogging every day.
    Happy October lovely. xx

  2. oh wonderful! thank you for thus post, I have really enjoyed it and now I know whats coming up I am busy formulating a plan of action! I just cast off a Suzanne and think I will start an Elizabeth next. Then it might be a Griffin and by then Gwendolyn will be out!

    I also agree with the ladies here, Olinda is gorgeous. So many beautiful designs...


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