Saturday, October 13, 2012

Red Riding Hood Yarns Raffle

A little while ago I shared a photo of the two patterns I designed for the Red Riding Hood Yarns Winter Yarn Club. I didn't go into any detail, well, because that would be just mean to tell you all about these new patterns and then say, "Oh, by the way... you can't get your hands on them until March 2013!" I'd just feel like a right meanie telling you that.

But, thanks to Hannah from RRHY you CAN get your hands on  a copy of the patterns! 

She's running two raffles at the moment; each with a package of goodies from the yarn club. There's a package of the girl patterns with some goodies and a package of the boy patterns with some of the goodies.  Goodies include buttons, yarn from the month I did, stitch markers and a project bag.  

If you're on Ravelry you might have seen my two new patterns. I've had LOADS of people interested in, particularly, the release of the girl's pattern.

All money rasied from Hannah's raffle will go to the Kia Ora Children's Learning Centre in Nairobi. I think I'm right in saying that Hannah's aunt is the driving force behind this school.

For more details on the raffle and to see the prize packs pop on over to Hannah's FB page, Red Riding Hood Yarns.

Tickets are $2.50 each  and to enter all you need to do is email Hannah at   
The raffle will be drawn Wednesday night, October 17th at 8pm.
 (that will be NZ time folks!!! so do the math ;) )

And because it doesn't feel so much like a meanie, I'm sharing a couple of pics of my patterns!

The girl's cardie pattern is called Granny's Favourite and can be knit to bolero, dress or regular length with three sleeve length options.

And this cheeky monkey is wearing a 'What Big Eyes You Have!' vest with a fun saddle shoulder construction.

Both patterns are sized from 15 to 30 inch chest sizes, so will fit approximately a newborn to a child size 12.

And while I'm banging on about Hannah, I should also mention she's hosting a KAL in her Ravelry group.  To join in you knit to knit one of the club patterns, and post a picture by the end of October. 

Would it be cheating to enter my samples? yes, perhaps so!! Luckily I've also knit three pairs of mittens and cast off a wee Granny's favourite cardie a few nights ago in glorious RRHY.

What have you been crafting on this fine Saturday night?
I've been sewing in ends in three projects and working the crochet hook.
We started moving back into our house today, it's like moving into a new house....sort of, except for the crazy mess in the rooms that we kept all our stuff in, like the kids' room!!

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  1. oh i love both of these! can't wait... i started a new milo for my little wee indy. he's going to be so cute in a red one out of malabrigo rios.


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