Friday, October 12, 2012


Once upon a time when I was a conscientious blogger (which reminds me of a tip I read the other day, to never apologise for not blogging, as your readers don't necessarily notice your absence until you point it out) ~ ~

I used to blog every new pattern release diligently. It was part of the process of the release. I think as part of my Blogtober pledge (which I sort of just made up, but let's go with it ~ a pledge of good habits to continue forthwith from Blogtober) I will return to this good habit.

I enjoy reading back over these pattern release entries as it often reminds me what was going on in my life at the time, and where the design idea came from; sometimes certain patterns have a special story.  This sort of detail just doesn't make it to the Ravelry pattern pages.

My pattern today, is one that does have such a story.

It's a story of perseverance and life just plain getting in the way.

So much time passed in the process of the development of this pattern, that I had to reknit the prototype for new photos.

Gosh, I adore this photo of Toby above. Even with his crazy kiddie dreadlocks.

Tobias was inspired by a visit to Tasmania and leprechauns. Sounds rather strange and a bit weird, as really leprechauns have nothing to do with Tasmania whatsoever. But I was in Tassie when I first started knitting this cardie for Toby. The original one was green, in one of my favourite WOOLganics colours, Gondwana.

So why was I inspired by leprechauns? Toby, with his cheeky grin, his incredible mischievous manner and innate ability to charm the pants off anyone, really reminds me of a leprechaun at times. Even his impish little chin and funny mannerisms are a bit not of this world.   When the time came to knit Tobes a new cardie, I somehow just knew I had to knit something that I felt a leprechaun would wear.

See how the high belt mimics that of a leprechaun? Go on, look closely. I'm sure I'm not the only one that sees it.

Along the way there were many crazy things that involved ripping and reknitting, and just mental over-busy over-committing life stuff that have meant Tobias somehow got relegated in the pattern release queue.

This winter I decided it NEEDED to be done, I HAD to do it. Before it was three years since I first began knitting it.

I didn't quite make that deadline. Surprise! Surprise!

It's out there now, and hopefully somebody will enjoy knitting this as much as I did. And their little boy will look as cute in it as mine does. This gorgeous orange, by the way, also comes from the WOOLganics range. It is Sangha.  How I love this yarn, and how much I am mourning their break. I do so hope they come back and continue to produce the best organic yarn there is.

Pattern details and the little clicky button to purchase this pattern can be found here.

P.S. I'm blogging everyday for BlogtoberFest. Help me feel the love and keep on blogging to the end! I will be so proud of myself if I make it. This will be my third attempt!


  1. well you are doing better than me, I have missed a couple of days! Tobias is such a cool boy cardi and I can definitely see leprechaun in it.

  2. Oh, I love this cardi and it looks so gorgeous on your little guy!

  3. I love your comment on '...not apologising!' I must take that approach on board when I haven't blogged for a while. A beautiful cardi for your son, I would certainly love to see my boys & girl wearing this cardi...Also thank you for dropping by my blog. Always love a new visitor :)..cheers, Lil

  4. soooo cute! love the belt detail - i wouldn't have noticed at first glance but now that you mentioned it, i'm even more excited to make it and have my own little leprechaun! thank you!

  5. What a gorgeous fella, and a beautiful cardie.
    Pledge aside, any time you blog (or not) during the month of Blogtober, your efforts are always welcome and appreciated. Life happens between blog posts and sometimes overtakes us completely, no?
    All good.


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