Thursday, September 17, 2009

creative space time again

well, it seems like Thursday has rolled around again and all my good intentions of blogging seem to have not come to fruition. It is wet here today, lots of glorious Spring rain but with that feel of winter.. brrr.   so once again, I'm resorting to a bit of cheating, and sharing something I meant to blog sometime since last Thursday.

Rewind to last Thursday and I was working on a 4 ply version of my forthcoming pattern, bloom.  I've finished that version, but have to admit I'm still working on the 10 ply version.  A sick little boy and a pattern for a doll's version of bloom had me somewhat sidetracked.

Tonight I am working on the 10 ply version as we speak ;)  

so here it is, the 4ply version completed.

This sizing will fit a newborn bubba (and probably a premmie size bubba too) as a dress and will grow with the bubba through all that crawling and walking to fit as a little top at around 12-18 months. (Obviously this all depends on the size of your bubba ;) but you know, for an average size bub it will). The fit will range from a 13 inch chest up to about a 19 inch chest.  

This is my little *ahem* one modelling it. He is 10 months old but on the larger size for his age apparently, and has an 18 inch chest.

And how cute is that cloth nappy butt poking out the bottom.  I was  very tempted to put a pink nappy on for the shoot but resisted and settled for our favourite itti bitti d'lish.

Lily is a bit over the range for this but it does still fit her. She's 4 and has a 21 inch chest, she's quite lean.

and loves to model for Mummy.  Here, she is pretending that she has a corn cob in her mouth, I have absolutely no idea why.  

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

creative space

Today the adventurous one is home on a day off. He has hurt his foot and is under doctor's instructions to rest it.  Unfortunately, these instructions are a little at odds with the plans the juniors of this house have for him.  Lily of course, thinks Daddy home on a weekday is an added bonus and is attempting to rope him into all sorts of games. She has him so twisted around her little finger that he is totally incapable of saying no. Currently he is eating lunch outside, which means he has both of the little ones hanging off him begging for scraps. You'd swear they were never fed those two!!  Lovely though, as it means I have some time to myself in here while I observe them through the big glass back doors.

In my creative space today I am desperately trying to get this finished. A test knit of the smallest size of my new pattern, bloom. Hopefully it will be ready for release for the school holidays, which is only just over a week away.  *eep*  But I just have the hemline detail to go on the little white one.

Earlier this week I had my first go at dyeing a semi-solid colour.  I thought about getting all fancy schmancy and using some professional dyes, but when it came down to it, it didn't happen. We're a chemical free household and yard and I couldn't quite bring myself to go through with it. So I resorted to the trusty old food dyes and used a different dyeing technique than I usually do for wool. The yarn was originally dusky pink and with the help of some yellow and cochineal it became this lovely toned orange, just as I envisaged.  

It's slowly transforming itself (well, I am knitting it) into a bigger version of the bloom. So all going well, there will be three overlapping sizings of this dress-top that grows with your little girl.   Plans afoot for a mummy version too ;)

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

fathers' day

oddly enough, and secretly quite aptly, I accidentally titled this post, farter's day.   A lovely relaxing day for our first Fathers' Day with Toby.  This year Lily was totally responsible for choosing a present and you'll never guess what she chose! uh huh, socks!  The most stereotypical fathers' day present ever.  But to her credit, it wasn't just one pair of socks, but a pack of seven pairs. Each with a face depicting a different mood, eg. happy, chillin', wicked, lazy, grumpy.  I suspect they were chosen mostly for the grumpy socks.  She told Andy after he unwrapped them, "Now Mummy and I will be able to see what mood you're in."  Cute.

And the little man of the house spent his first fathers' day practising walking, yep, walking.  He's pretty much got it down pat now and is walking from one end of the house to the other... bugger.  Why is my little baby growing up so quickly?  I want him to be a bubba baby for far longer than this.  no fair. 

Lily has been practising her photographic skills and has been filling the camera with lots of err ...  interesting shots, some rather blurry ones and some interesting subjects. This one, however, is quite cute.  I love the little crumb under the teapot.