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knit front pass stitch over knit back

One of the techniques that I use quite a bit in my patterns is a kfPSOkb.
This technique is used in the milo, rainbow dress, bloom and eden patterns, although it is not referred to as a  kfPSOkb in the milo, it is the same technique.

Basically a kfPSO is a simple little technique that combines a kfab and a PSO.

I use this in two instances;
1.  at the end of the cast off on sleeve/shoulder straps.
This continues the line of the raglan shaping as well as eliminates that gappy stitch between the cast off and the underarm stitches.
2. To join two pieces together. 
Using this to join shortens the joining stitch and keeps the join tight and neat.

This is an unusual technique, and not one I've encountered anywhere else. Hopefully this little video will help you to execute it perfectly.

And so you know what it's supposed to look like in the finished garment, here are a few photos.


Long tail cast-on 
Some tips and ideas for getting a perfectly stretchy cast-on

How to sew a mermaid tail! 

This cute little tail was a favourite in my daughter's dress-up box for a couple of years; it fit her from age 2 to 5.  She is quite a lean little girl though but this is an easily adaptable tutorial.