Monday, September 20, 2010

School holidays

Well, it's school holidays, which I'm not sure is a blessing or a punishment.

Anyway, hopefully there will be plenty of sunshine, good times with the kiddies and of course, a tad of knitting.

I've been busy so far and shall share some photos once it's dry and on the boy. Yep, it's a boy knit. Wooot!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A new pattern - Cassia

I must admit I always get a little nervous when I release a pattern. Sometimes I just sit on it, because I am so nervous. It's a funny feeling, the anticipation of a pattern release. Particularly when there are knitters who are apparently eager and waiting for its release. That really blows me away.  It's also quite daunting and I think adds to the nervousness.

What if they don't like it after all?

What if no one buys it?

What if my testers were just being nice to me, and really it's a crap pattern?

What if there is a major mistake in it I've somehow overlooked?

All these crazy thoughts play through my mind on days like this.

It's on days like this, that I've obviously released a new pattern.

Today's offering is Cassia.

It's yet another seamlessly constructed garment that can be knit as either a dress or a tunic. It's knit topdown starting from a circular yoke, and seriously is probably one of my easiest knits.  Unlike many circular yoke patterns, the increasing through the yoke section is all worked out for you. You don't have to manually work any increase rows, just follow the pattern. And like all my paid patterns, the sizes are colour coded to make it even easier.

Just quietly, I do so love this dress. It is knit in the most gorgeous coloured WOOLganics organic merino 8ply. The colourway is 'kundalini' and in the month of August I managed to knit my way through a 10 pack of this colourway, it's so gorgeous.  I wish I'd done the tunic version in the WOOLganics too now.

The sizes for the cassia start at newborn size (15 inch chest) and go right up to a girls size 12 (30 inch chest) with sizings in one inch increment. Cassia is fitted style through the chest, fitting with approximately 1 inch positive ease.

It fastens at the back with three cute little buttons.  I love these ones here, though you can't quite see them.
See that glorious red flower though, that's a cassia gum flower. Gorgeous, huh?

It's available on Rav right now for a measly $6AUD, or you can click this button here to purchase.

If you don't have paypal, feel free to pm me on Ravelry or send me an email via and I can organise a direct deposit payment for you (Australian bank account holders only).

some testing knits

sometimes I knit other people's patterns.

I think it's something that as a designer, is really quite essential. You learn new techniques, ponder different constructions, and become more aware of all the different styles of pattern writing, and yes indeed, there are more than one style.

Last week I finished an adult knit for me, the construction was pretty familiar to me, top down raglan construction, ok, so I do that sort of thing in my sleep. But it was fun nonetheless, and has me pondering the beauty of reversible cables. I don't have any shots of it, as despite having bought the buttons on Monday, I haven't sewn them on yet.

I think I may only have one of the three left.  A certain little boy may have stolen the other two.

This winter I've also been lucky enough to test a few projects for fellow designers. That is always so much fun. As a designer, I love having other designers on board to test. It's always interesting to see how they approach their pattern development, and it is always good to have those extra brains geared towards that aspect of the pattern.

So a few of my favourites I've tested this winter have been:

Breezy by Shannon Passmore.
(pattern not yet released)

You might notice that there is only one sock finished.

It is true that five year olds are not very understanding of second sock syndrome. 

This week I have been guilt tripped into finishing that second sock. 

It is working.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

welcome Spring...

Today we welcomed what we consider to be the first real signs of Spring, blossoms on our fruit trees!! The kids decided it was the perfect day for Spring cleaning so helped with some floor mopping, or floor flooding to be more precise, and for once I have a line full of fresh washing lapping up the sunshine. Shame about the overflowing basket I need to wage war with.  We played in the garden, enjoyed sushi for lunch, tackled some maths questions.  Lily suddenly knows how to do sums with no idea how she actually learnt that. Way cool!

Right now we have some mini blueberry muffins baking in the oven.

As part of this super Spring behaviour, I thought it best to update my blog before a month had gone by.  It seems like so long I wasn't quite sure what I'd shared and what I hadn't, so I had a quick look back through my Rav projects to see what I'd blogged. Hmm, there's a few gaps in there!  I think this week might be the time to rectify that.

I thought I might start with my favourite winter knit, one which will be fashioning it up this Spring as well.

A new rainbow dress.

This is my 14th complete rainbow dress, I say complete because when I rewrote the pattern I did knit and frog a few bodices.

A little wander down reminiscent lane........  to the original rainbow dress , January 2008.  Two and a half years later, and over 700 Rav projects later, Lily is still wearing that original dress. It still fits. But I have an embarrassing secret to admit about the original rainbow dress. It's not quite as bright or lovely as it once was. Nope.  It had a mud bath  while we were on holidays when Lily turned three. So not really all that long after it was finished.  (Elissa look away now if you're reading!!!)  On holidays you do dumb things, right?  So I soaked the dress when we got home from the pub, and washed it with the only thing on hand, dishwashing liquid.  The dress's shape has held up  fine, the colours not so.

Ever since then, I have been trying to sneakily get my hands on some more of this gorgeous gradient. Finally a CRAZY CRAZY lady (sorry Bel) destashed some (what was she thinking, seriously!!!)  and I swooped heart a fluttering.  And a replacement dress ensued.

I knit this one with 3.75mm needles for the bodice, as per my suggestion in the pattern for loose purlers. I'm not a loose one, but Four Bags Full is a superwash yarn and prone to a little stretching so a tighter knit bodice is ideal.  I also knit the 21 inch for Lily this time, I've always knit her the 20 inch.

200g was enough for a cute little tunic length.

and man oh man, am I ever happy to have a replacement dress!!!!!

And you know what, I love this one even more than the original.
The gradient in this is the MOST PERFECTEST gradient EVER!!!!!!

more updates tomorrow... I have been a busy bee these last wintery months!

now off to have a blueberry muffin and a cup of chai.