Thursday, October 18, 2012


This little lady arrived at our house this week, all trussed up in brown paper and string.

Her name is Slow Nimes (yep, I know! WT??)
I've decided to call her Audrey.

She is very very cute!

She was warmly welcomed by the resident Blythe, Snowflake Sonata.
Snowflake is Lily's.

I'm looking forward to knitting some tiny wee clothes. I did promise Lily I would make Snowflake some when she got her, but I haven't yet! oops!

Toby now thinks he'd like a blythe doll for his fourth birthday next month.
Shame I've already bought him some more train tracks.


  1. She is beautiful! I love the way Blythe dolls.always look like they are something. They would fit in well in my house.:)

  2. But you can't knit clothes for train tracks... that boy's going to look back and feel he was deprived...

    1. ahh, but I can yarn bomb his train station.. now THAT would be pretty fun!


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