Friday, February 23, 2007

Megsie's awesome pixies

well, I've just finished with the listings for the gorgeous pint pixie range. I feel like I know these little creatures so well as I've grown up seeing their images everywhere. I have a whole collection of Christmas tree decorations with little pixies painted on them, they're just so cute!!! Anyway, judge for yourself, And Lily will be getting a tee with, of course, a lily pixie on it!!! YEAH!!!!
The plan is to send them live 9pm AEDST tomorrow evening, hopefully all will go to plan ;)
And then the Groovy Swirls baby doll dress will go up for auction starting on Saturday.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Time for a try on

Thought it was best to have a try on seen as I'm winging this a bit with sizing and gauge LOL So far so good, just about to begin the decreases on the bodice. (excuse the messy bathroom in the background)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knitting works in progress

I'm posting these in the hope that they inspire me to get them finished LOL
From left: Wicked in Patons Jet, One skein wonder shrug in Cleakheaton Merino Supreme and an Everlasting Mini Soaker in hand dyed Treliske Organic Merino.

Groovy Swirls Baby doll dress ~ to pant or not to pant? That is the question..

Gosh I love this fabric!!! It is Michael Miller Groovy Swirls. Leah from Kidz In Cloth sent me some leftovers of this, and I just adored it. So when I saw some when I put in my overseas order I had to buy it!!! I would really like to keep it for Lily, but she does have waaaaay too many dresses, so it is destined for auction on ozebaby.

Excuse the very poor Shakespeare pun, but my dilemna now is whether to add pants to this or not. I have some denim bootleg pants cut out and ready to sew up and enough of this fabric to do some pockets on them. Then we would have a outfit perfect for summer and autumn and even winter. I'm making little shrugs for Lily and I to wear with some of our summer tops in the cooler weather.

Semi-Custom Denim Shorts

Just added these to my ozebaby store, a little something for the boys whose mums feel they've been neglected lately LOL

I have a really girly bent so good to do something boyish. I also bought some really cool fabric for some boy's shorts this morning ~ very groovy!! Shall get started on them when it cools down!

Something new...

Black cherries... yum!!!!

Shall put this up for preview this afternoon and then send it live tonight around 9pm AEDST. :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

Strawberries Baby doll set done!

Gosh I love this; I love the way this fabric looks against the denim in the shorts! I am very very pleased with the way it turned out :D This is destined for a cute little button named Tabitha. Hope she likes it!!

Getting stuff done..

Just about finished the strawberry shorts for Trudi; the strawberry fabric looks so gorgeous against the denim. I'm really stoked with them. Just need to finish off the hems and elastic tomorrow and they're done!

Not sure what to do next with the fruit thing; I feel I've been overdosing on the girly stuff lately so feel the need for a bit of a boy bent. Hmm, might finish off the motorbike fleece longies over the weekend and get started on some boy shorts. Thought I might actually put up a semi-custom pair of shorts for auction where the winner can choose the size and pocket/patch placement and select from five very special fabrics. It might help give me an idea of where to price my shorts. And oh, I've got some lovely fabric that hasn't seen the light of day yet!

I've also been doing quite a bit of knitting, so this fabric blog is now really going to be a craft blog and I think I'll include some knitting pics. So tomorrow I'm going to do a bit of a photo blitz lol

Tonight we had the yummiest dinner ~ almost totally organic. We had tofu marinated in soy sauce and Virgin Island screaming seeds mix; a green salad from the lettuces in our garden, with organic tomatoes, carrots, beans and olives; a pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, chick peas and baby silverbeet from the garden. Andy and Lily also had steak and a little french cutlet. It was great to eat the produce from our garden, yeah, Lily also managed to pick our only capsicum and destroy it with love LOL. I can't believe she hasn't picked any of the apples off our miniature apple trees, they're just her height. I think they've got about two weeks and they'll be fully ripe ~ Andy put the bird nets up tonight.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Hark the Herald Angel sings... ~ Shorts and t-shirt set ~Size 0

Well, I'm actually really really happy these didn't sell prior to Christmas as Lily managed to inherit them :D Too cute, I reckon! She loves wings and even though once the tshirt was on she couldn't see them, she was stoked that she had wings on her back!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Summer Fruits ripening....

Trawling through my one of fabric stash tubs tonight I stumbled upon my fruit fabrics, I had completely forgotten about these *oops* Anyway, dragged them out and started playing with them working on some baby doll tops/dresses, etc. So I decided to do a little fruit theme for a little while playing on the idea that all the summer fruits are ripening at the moment.

Nearly finished my first piece, I just want to measure the shoulder straps on a live model tomorrow. but this piece in this rather bad photo is going to preview tomorrow. I've done straps that cross over the back for something different, and I really really like them :D I'm going to offer the option of a pair of denim shorts with pockets in the matching fabric with this top.

Oh, and in the background you can see a couple of the fruit fabrics that I'm going to play with.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Busy busy busy

Gosh, I feel like I've been very busy. I've put up four pairs of shorts on ozebaby over the weekend as well as the spotty baby doll dress and a stripey pinafore.

Size O There's A Lot of Spots Every Where Shorts

Hearts On Parade Shorts ~ Size 0

Jumping Jack Flash Play Shorts ~ Size 1

Golden Wings Flutter Shorts ~ Size 2

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Special Association of Fabrics

Some fabrics have a special nature; an association that makes me forever equate them with certain people. I know I'm not alone in this associating of objects and clothing, my husband has a really cool tshirt that he refuses to wear as at a party there was this absolute dickhead there wearing this tee, so now he always thinks of that guy if he wears it.

For me though, my fabric and image/motif memories have positive associations which is nice, for example, most obviously, rainbows = Lily, turtles = Tully, fish = Andy, lizards = Lana, Japanese prints = my friend Ange who is a Japanese teacher; Hello Kitty = Nat.

Some fabrics and images I now associate with people I've made stuff for, tulips = Sue, ice creams and butterflies = Joh (although I don't think I've made Joh anything in butterfly fabric lol), the very special Kona Bay butterfly fabric (one of the most beautiful fabrics I have ever seen) = Melissa, Kaffe Fassett, particularly fans and the mermaid applique = Katanya (the fans reminds me of my mum too as we bought the material together [she made hers into a bag] the mermaid now also reminds me of Tully); the beautiful Florentine fabric = Lucretia (gosh I love this fabric and am getting up the courage to cut into it some more ~ it is a definite bathing fabric); one of my favourite geisha fabrics = Larissa (I must show Larissa the nappy I have in a different colour of this same fabric and then watch her carefully to make sure she doesn't pocket it lol) and the list goes on.

So where am I going with this and why these random thoughts?

I've been sorting through some of my fabrics and working with some of my hoarded pieces; some of these will make appearance shortly like this

These shorts are about to make an appearance as soon as I take some more pictures. I've called them Jumping Jack Flash becuase I once made some shorts for Kate's boy Jack using this fabric, and the name seems perfect for these shorts. It is so hard to find decent boys' fabric like this, I don't know why but it is. Ridiculous huh!!

Been getting back into my sewing a bit, and have a few pieces to list on ozebaby as soon as I take some photos; some shorts, pinnies, fleece longies nearly finished. I just love this paperdoll fabric and knew it would be perfect in a little vintage style pinafore. Luckily, I'm not totally happy with the way some of the seams are finished because of the lining and side splits; so Lily gets it. She loves it. I found her sitting in her cot after her afternoon nap looking at all the dolls on her dress : D But I will work further with this style and might try and get some more of this fabric, it's so cute

I really like this style and was planning on using the fabric below to make a dress similar; I think it would be pretty cute. It's Chinese New Year and really lovely. So lots to do and lots on the go!