Thursday, October 11, 2012

My creative space

So blogtober,hey?
who actually thought I would have made it thus far?
Can you believe it!

As I'm slowly getting my blog mojo back, I thought it was time to look up a few of the old blog linky things I used to enjoy. Excuse, my lack of precise language. It is late and it seems my command of the English language has desserted me.

I've always love my creative space, I still wander around and check them out. I suspect it's time I got back on that horse.

This week my creative space has been invaded by the builders and their aftermath, and finally the painter. YAY! once he's finished I can move all out stuff back to its rightful home.

I found the experience of looking at your living space with all the furniture pushed to the centre quite surreal. In my mind I have been constantly reorganizing and redecorating this area. This evening I made DK help me move all the lounge room furniture into a different configuration. I like it. I really like it! I really hope it stays this way, although I'm not too sure DK likes where I've put the TV... Nor my plans to knit it a cozy.....

and so I've been muddling through a wee bit of knitting. This is a baby sized cardigan, which I can't believe is taking so long. I think it's because I haven't been knitting at home, It's hard to knit in this chaos, I feel like I should be doing something to right the chaos but I can't. I just need to be patient.

More creative peeps can be found over here.... Hello!!
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  1. Your doing better than I am lol!! And yum that cardy looks fabulous!

    1. Come on, Lesley!!!
      You can do it!!

      How about blogging about the first thing you ever baked?

  2. Just wanted to say I/m really enjoying your blogtober efforts. Thanks so much!

  3. I am loving Blogtober, I am normally lucky if I make one post a month. It is making me recognise the joys around me more, and I love looking back over old posts.


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