Monday, October 08, 2012

childhood knit

Do you have fond memories of childhood woollies?
Were you dressed in mummy or granny made knits?

My mum is a fabulous knitter, and some of my favourite childhood memories are all tied up with some of the fabulous knits and outfits she'd dress us in. My absolute favourite was my velvet maroon knickerbockers and my cream and maroon fair isle jumper. I felt so special and flash when I wore that outfit.

This cardie is the only one of my kiddie knits I have. It was my brownie cardie, and would you believe I still have my brownie dress!!

I think this yellow cardie started my love for yellow yarn. In fact, the first actual person sized garment I knit was a humunguous cabled yellow cardie when i was 14.

I still have that cardie too.

So what was your favourite. Do you still have any of them?

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  1. Aaawww this post made me feel quite warm and fuzzy inside. And what a sweet cardi!
    My paternal grandma made me a sleeveless-buttoned vest/cardi when I was about 2 and my mom kept it (yay!). My nephew, niece and now my little Z have all worn it too :)
    Although it's a bit itchy (hehe) and its particular purple is not quite hip, I loved it and our kids love it, which just proves that there is something magical/special about knits from loved ones :) The most awesome thing about it is that my grandma had knit it with hidden/set-in pockets! My grandma sure was a fantabulous knitter. She taught me the tubular cast-on when I was 12, and I am forever grateful for that ;)
    One of the last things we said to each other before she passed away three years ago was that we will knit together in heaven one day :)
    Thanks as usual for sharing your wonderful moments/memories and designs (and hoping everything is fixed up at home ASAP!)

    1. Your grandma sounds awesome!!
      I am so impressed she taught you the tubular cast on at 12!!!

  2. OOOh, I love childhood knits! Mym mum and Aunty were both wonderful knitters and I have one item from each of them - a button down vest/sleeveless cardi with 'the old woman who lived in a shoe' on it and a jumper with 'the lady and the tramp on it. My favourite knit though was probably the brightly striped feather and fan jumper with black edging that my Mum made me.
    When I turned one my mum knitted me a brown dress. She didn't keep the dress but when my daughter turned one she found the pattern and knitted her a red dress for her birthday. That one I will keep, I love it so, it hangs on the side of her bookshlelf so I can see it every day :)

    1. That's so lovely, Ann! I hope Lily knits some of the things I've made her, that would be awesome!

  3. Love this! I went searching for pics of me in my handknits and found a couple, which I posted on FB. Wish I still had them! I'll be sure to put a few of the kids favourites away for future reminiscing.

  4. I totally need to see your brownie dress. Mine is hanging up somewhere...
    I know I have things mum sewed but I cannot recall any knits..

    1. I shall get Lily to model the whole ensemble.

  5. Hehe! I still have my brownie dress too. In fact, my mum made a matching dress for my cabbage patch doll (and then one for my best friend's doll, and eventually for the entire troop!), which I still have and my daughter plays with them now!

    I only have a few hand-knits from mum, because although she is the one who taught me to knit when I was very little, she isn't really into knitting - she sews. She made me so many outfits, many of witch are still in existence and now my daughter wears! Virtually every outfit she made me, she made a matching outfit for my dolls. My daughter has inherited all those dolls and their intricate outfits now, and plays all the time with them - so heartwarming to see that the handmade love I had as a child is being experienced all over again by my little girl!

    I think that why this year I have started knitting dolls clothes for my daughter.

    1. I am so glad I'm not the only odd one who kept their brownie uniform!!!
      I so love matching dolly outfits!
      How awesome that your daughter gets the too. That is one fabulous generational hand-me-down!!

  6. Oh my this post got me thinking! I too had knickerbockers - cord I think, and maybe even a tweedy pair too. I think my knit was a pullover vest - can't recall the colour, but definitely cream ribbing. I always remember that my Mum (a fabulous knitter too) always seemed to knit things that fitted too well, I longed for something slouchy and oversized! And... Mum often seemed to be ripping something out and starting something new. The yarn would be all curly and she'd spend ages balling it all up. Thrifty times.


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