Saturday, October 16, 2010

day 15: late again, oh well.........

Last night I had a bit of a night out. One where I didn't get home until after midnight. Yeah I know, madness!! Anarchic. It's the reason my post last night didn't get done. The fact that I'm only doing it now, I can only put down to pure laziness... And an almost two-year-old who hogs the iPad.

but last night I went to Lily's kindy's trivia night. It was a fun night, laughter, drinks and nibbles all round. Some stretching of the memories, some uncertainty and some definite certainties that were wrong. You know how trivia nights go.

The highlight of the night for me was the artwork that the kids produced. Beautiful group work on canvas. One piece was divided into squares into which each of the children had drawn themselves. Each of the two classes created one of these. The other piece Lily's class made, it was an amazing Aboriginal inspired piece in lovely bright colours with the kids' handprints around the outside. It was wonderful to see how appreciated and wanted these pieces were by the parents, they went for more than I had in my purse and could afford.

We're very blessed with the kindy we chose for Lily. Under the guidance of her wonderful wonderful teachers she has blossomed and grown in such confidence it's amazing. They encourage her artistically and creatively and create such wonderful playspaces for the children. All three of her teachers are truly beautiful souls.

What I did come home with was this:

That's a bundle gorgeous gorgeous organic fabrics from Organic Fabric Online. I had just enough money in my purse to win the bid on this. Lily thought it was wonderful that I won some fabric, the yellow is already assigned as a dress for her. So impressed was she that she organized a knitting competition for me tonight, a shawl knitting competition. It was a tough field I was up against Gwyneth the teddy bear and Darfodill the Polly Dolly. I suspect the field had been checking out my knitting though, as the shawls they produced for the "test" looked suspiciously like two I've knitted before. Strange! The guinea pig judge awarded me the winner. My winnings were some beautiful pictures of us all at the beach.

Kids are precious, hey.

(back later with today's post ;) )

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  1. That knitting competition story is just adorable. The most imaginative storyteller couldn't make up the things kids come up with, hey.
    Kids sure are precious.

  2. Hahahaha, I love reading about the games that kids play and that one was fabulous! They have the best imaginations :)

  3. oh look at that pile of fabric --- lovely!!


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