Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 23? Is it?

So I didn't quite make it with the Milo on our four and a half hour trip. I came pretty damn close though, just had the garter stitch band to go on the bottom when we arrived at the pint household.

I think possibly I could knit one in that time on such a drive. On this drive I did however, have a little sleep. (although Andy says I was knitting in my sleep, who would have thought, I COULD ACTUALLy knit in my sleep, albeit pretty slowly apparently). I was awoken by Andy saying, "You're knitting in your sleep!" I also added a little extra length to cater for a full x, I did the hugs and kisses cable.

It is oh so very cute and tiny!! And I can hardly believe that this is actually the first milo I have knit in WOOLganics! not sure how many milos I have knit in total....

no photo yet as it's blocking...

I can share this little sneak peak photo of both the boy and girl Mystery KAL knit though ;)

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  1. Look forward to seeing it. Anything little is especially so darn cute. If we could knit, crochet and sew in our sleep, we could get so much more out of our days ;) Excited about starting the KAL...

  2. Oh you knit in your sleep, I wonder if I have ever done that. Nope, never woken up to see more rows on my knitting than I remember! The mystery KAL items look very pretty, I cant wait to get started.

  3. LOL! knitting in your sleep, I knit in my dreams if that counts, always dissapointing when I realise I dreamt up the stash!

  4. the peeking toes are too cute with the woolly goodness :)

  5. Knitting in your sleep, what a brilliant skill!

    I am just about to cast on my fourth Milo, all for my baby boy. It is pretty much my favourite pattern ever. Clever you!



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