Saturday, October 30, 2010

day 27: musings on that KAL and yarn choice

So if you're a part of this little Mystery KAL you should have received an email from me yesterday with a link to the pattern folder. If you're one of those people who emailed me yesterday afternoon, fear not, I will return your email either later this evening or tomorrow. If you were expecting an email because you thought you were signed up and didn't get one, email me and I'll fix that up.

It's been a little hectic around here today. I've been frantically trying to get our tax done in time for the lodgement deadline; tomorrow. Not without a bit of angst and technology frustration to contend with, as is always the case when you leave it to the last minute. Andy has been pre-occupied with packing and organizing for his trip away which involved a 2:30am wake up call tomorrow morning. Lucky him! So the kids have been running free and feral. Lily actually snuggled back into bed for an afternoon nap! Toby sprinkled Weetbix crumbs from one end of the house to the other, fun fun fun!

I suspect I may have confused a few people with my comments about yarn choice.

Let me re-iterate;

Cotton is fine to use, it will work just fine.
However, some of the pattern features will appear to their best when knit in a yarn with a little bit of memory. That's pretty common with most things featuring some cabling and/or lace. Memory gives them that bit of spring and hold; stops them from flattening and stretching out too much.
But if you want to use a pure cotton, go ahead, it will be fine :)
Think about whether or not you like lace or cables knit in cotton, what you think of the look; if you're fine with it GO FOR IT!!!! :D

I knit both the prototype garments in wool, glorious organic dk wool. The girl's version in The Sanguine Gryphon FreeRange and the boy's in WOOLganics Organic Merino Knitters Yarn. Both great great yarns. Both perfect for these garments.

the pattern names are fratello and sorello; Italian for brother and sister.

I've knit both garments with the intention of them being tran-seasonal; so suitable for any time of the year. Obviously on a 40 degree day in the middle of a sweltering Victorian summer, the kids may not want to wear them.. but they will be good through Summer on those cooler days and into Autumn and Winter, they'll still be appropriate wear.

I'm trying to remember if there were any more FAQs I've noticed on the rounds... If not, I might go and do a bit of knitting and catch up on some blog reading.

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  1. Good to know Tikki as I am using BWM cotton. I cant wait for the first clue either, so exciting.

  2. So glad to hear my boy isn't the only one who likes to spread the cereal love - so far it's been weetbix, cornflakes, rice bubbles, rolled oats and SALT! Yep, he and his sister covered every surface in his bedroom with a layer of salt! I cannot advocate pantry locks enough!!!!! Have done my swatch and am looking forward to getting started.

  3. ooh, I love your "yarn in a vase"! and I spy a nifty little tip holder there... what is that??

    I'm having the worst trouble trying to decide what COLOUR to do the KAL LOL any suggestions for that?! haha :)

  4. oh the wheatbix sprinkle! wait till it gets wet and sets! Its another form of concrete!
    Love your pic, what are your Knit Picks stored in? I like it ;)

  5. LOL Kim, that's a wine/chmpagne bucket that was getting no use and taking up space. A good size for about 10 balls of sublime.

    that tip holder is a knit picks tip holder; nifty huh. I love it except it is very US centric and doesn't have holes for the 3.25 or 3.75mm tips.


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