Saturday, October 09, 2010

day 8: a little late

I'm a little late posting day 8 but I'm sure it's still the 8th of October somewhere in the world still, so technically I'm not really late; just feeling a little...I don't know, what country is in the last world time frame for each day?? Yep, so no doubt I'll continue to trot out that excuse.

I had an early night last night. I was feeling a bit pissed with my current knitting project, which is a new pattern for a KAL. I decided at 10pm that I wasn't happy with how it was working and cracked it. I must say I was feeling a little pressure at the people who are waiting for this KAL, but decided that really it wasn't quite right. I know I can get the pattern to work eventually, but I don't think it is quite the right one for the KAL. So off to bed I went.

Luckily I had an inkling of a back up plan. As it does often the plan formed more thoroughly overnight and I woke up this morning knowing exactly what I needed.
Don't you love it when sleeping on an idea really does sort it all into place.

So on to a little bit of yarn balling...

Wish me luck!

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  1. Nawwww, that's a shame. But hopefully this breakthrough will do it for you. Don't worry about the people waiting hun, everyone is just excited is all. We get very excited about your patterns lol.

  2. Yes, we are all waiting for the KAL pattern, but we are happy to wait until you are ready. Don't feel pressured, think of it as a compliment :)

  3. yep, what the others said. I have plenty of knitting to do while I wait for the KAL, could be next year as far as I'm concerned :-)


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