Sunday, October 10, 2010

day 9: ahem....

So the knitting is going very well and I'm much happier with this garment than I was with the other one.  I think this is probably more suited to a mystery KAL as I can break it down into steps far easier than the other one; which will make it fun!!

No pics though as that would ruin the surprise!!!

In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, a little background: on the forum where I test some of the designers were having a little chat and the idea arose for a mystery KAL, mainly because Shannon of Crafty Desires wanted to knit a skirt pattern of mine that I haven't even knit up yet and she hasn't seen the photos for!!! Crazy chick!! (The temptation is oh-so there to write a pattern for something really fugly and give it to her as a joke.... if only it wasn't for the loads of time that goes into knitting something)  The brainchild for the Mystery KAL came from Rachel Evan, who's responsible for the Kaia Babydoll and Spring Butterfly.

So I put the idea to my group on Rav thinking there might be a handful of people interested.

So now I just have to sort the pattern... but it's all okay as I'm waiting on one of my knitters to come back from holidays to start the KAL... so really no pressure!

(but it is looking good good good) and this yarn (The Sanguine Gryphon FreeRange) is pretty awesome to knit with.  Not buttery soft and melty like the WOOLganics, but still very very nice and lovely subtlety in the colour variations.


  1. The temptation to send out something fugly made me giggle. Hope you are having a fab weekend.

  2. i have been drooling fo the sanguine gryphon yarn on ravelry, Stephen West uses it for all his projects and its just gorgeous!!! cant wait to see :)

  3. I had to laugh too at the thought of writing up a pattern for something awful :D

  4. I had to have a laugh to when you said that you would write somehting fugly up - LOL - it is not in your nature Tik - although it would be tempting.

    Looking forward to the KAL - and only a few people are interested LOL - I think the number is growing by the day - you are going to have a huge email list to send to!


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