Tuesday, October 05, 2010

four: perfection

I am on a little bit of a quest at the moment.

It's a quest for perfection.
Perfection in the form of yarn.
Perfection, more specifically, in the form of the perfect yellow yarn. Dk weight preferably. Organic would be the ultimate.

Now what makes the perfect yellow yarn?
It needs to be the colour of sunshine, no pastels, no neons, no orange or brown undertones; just pure sunshine.

This comes pretty close on all counts.
(sanguine gryphon free range dk)

It's dk, it's organic and it is very lush!

As does this, except it's not a dk or organic:(
(malabrigo worsted)

this one would win hands down, except it's not organic.
(Madeline tosh dk)

This is pretty close too; organic, lovely colour. Local organic even, yet a 10 ply.
(Ladybug Loops WOOLganics worsted)

Now what to knit with all this luscious yellow?
(nb: these are not all new!!!!)

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  1. A Busy Bee Romper? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/busy-bee-romper

  2. No Tikki - yellow - Lesley runs screaming from the room lol!!!

  3. Fingers crossed that you find somehting lovely to knit with these - I have a little bit of a thing for yellow too - but at the moment I am into all things GREEN!

  4. ooh, I too, am on the look-out for the perfect sunny yellow! Thanks for the leads...:)

  5. Gorgeous colour and aren't you a fancy pants posting from your ipad :P

  6. WaaaH! You don't like your "Ray of Sunshine"?? Not organic I know, but hey local (at least local to me hehe).

  7. a teeny tiny yellow cardie for a teeny tiny neice/nephew :D

  8. A lovely yellow hat for next winter. We need yellow in winter, something has to remind us of sunshine in all the darkness!

  9. PMSL Lesley!!! Ironically Toby's favourite nappy is yellow and one made by you, that he was gifted!!

    Oh Irene!!
    Of course, I love the Ray of Sunshine.
    these were all photos from my iPad taken with my last stash upload. Unfortunately, I don't know how to access photos on Rav from blogpress ipad app :(

    I must send you some progress shots of Matilda.. before I frog and reknit the bodice *eek*

    LOL Megsie!!!

  10. i can't help with what you should knit with all those gorgeous yellows, but i can show you what you helped me knit with mine!

  11. ah sigh, all that beautiful yellow. Maybe that is what I will spin next, I could do with a little more sunshine around here.


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