Saturday, October 02, 2010

Blogtober ~ Day One (some firsts for the first)

I noticed that it was Blogtober again while mindlessly cruising today whilst feeding Toby. It seems quite timely really, and a good kick up the bum for me to whip this blog back into shape and try and regain some blogging mojo.

It's been a week of firsts here this week.

Toby got his first haircut and went from this:

to this

after he decided to hack off half his fringe in an asymmetrical fashion.
He looks so grown up, my little boy :(
At least he still loves cuddles and asking "more kisses" every time he gies you a kiss. He's going to break some hearts when he grows up that one!

Lily's first was having her ears pierced. We'd always decided that she could have her ears pierced if she wanted once she was five. We'd talked about it a few times when she was younger with her and decided at five she could make the decision for herself. It's taken until this week for her to work up the courage to go for it. We had talks about how it would hurt a bit, she didn't have to, and if she changed her mind when we got there, that would be ok.

But she bravely faced up to it and went for it. There were quite a few tears afterwards and loads of cuddles. She too looks so grown up with her shiny silver diamond studs!

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  1. Wow! Ears pierced! I think Mum is braver than child, although its always a test after the first one as to whether they will make it a matching pair.
    We are waiting til Jenna is 10 cause thats a year younger than I was allowed :)

  2. awww we let Kayla get her ears pierced at 5 also. She was determined to have them done. Unfortunately, she turned 5 the day before she started school, so I opted to let her have them done 8 weeks before that to allow them time to heal etc.
    The only tears we had were on the way home, and hour later, when she finally said "you were right mum, that did hurt"

  3. Toby look cute with his haircut. Zeb has not had one yet, he doesn't have enough hair! although there is a tail curling down the back ;)

  4. Of course he is still gorgeous!! And how exciting for Lily, Tully can't wait to see them!

    I considered doing the blogtober thing, but serioulsy with a new little person joining us soon, really no chance at all

  5. Fi, we went to the local beauty salon and they did both at once, so there was no backing out of the second one and it was all over and done with quickly.


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