Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 24: getting a leetle confused

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that I am getting a little confused about what day I am up to with the Blogtober thing.  I'm really not the best at knowing what the date is at the best of time, but there's something about those days in the 20s when I get really really really confuddled. And playing blogger catch-up isn't easy.

We're back from visiting the lovely pint household and as always we had the bestest time.  Gosh we love those guys, I think even if Megsie wasn't my sister we'd hang out with them cos they are the best.  And what an awesome little addition to their family is gorgeous little Otis ♥

We arrived home last night around 6ish, and then I hastily dashed off to my knit night.  This morning involved some cleaning and unpacking, this afternoon a little playdate.

My email box is looking a little tad overwhelming today. *eek* I didn't realise there would be so many more interested in the Mystery KAL.  I'm thinking about the best way to do this so it doesn't become a ridiculous amount of work... stay tuned. I shall update here..

ooh, and I think I can feel a giveaway coming on...best to squeeze one in before the end of October...along with my tax.


  1. a giveaway? now you're talking :P

  2. mmm giveaway..... on the date thingo I got a new watch this year, it tells me the date, it's taken me a few months to remember that I only have to glance at my watch to check the date, now all I need to know is which day of the week it is lol


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