Monday, October 18, 2010

day 17: stealing 5 minutes

I'm taking one of those five minute gaps that appear in your day, when you're a mummy, to steal five minutes for me. I'm using my time to catch up on yesterday's blog post. I'm not so good at this blogtober thing, am I? I am trying though!

I'm perched on the bench in the corner of the kitchen looking west. The sky furiously hurling darker and darker clouds across it, no doubt bringing more rain. The tree ferns are dancing a frantic jig outside the window, they look like they're shivering. Why is winter back?

I have this five minutes as Andy has packed the kids into the bike trailer to take Lily to kinder. The two of them will be tucked up snug hidden from the rain while Andy, in his flouro orange bike parka, will be battling this wind. They love it!

Right now I'm off to get out of my jammies, and have a shower... wait for it.... BY MYSELF!! with no little toddler in there too. Then it's on with the vacuuming, and washing, and folding...

Where do you steal five minutes for yourself in the day?

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  1. Just wanted to say I love the new blog look!

    I grab five minutes... actually, not really until after the kiddies are in bed at night. Ah well!

  2. My family always thought of me as a cptive audience in the shower or toilet. I think block/lego time was a great time for me when they were little. Cherrie

  3. I do remember trying to get 5 minutes ! I really hope you enjoyed your shower .

  4. My five minutes are sometimes taken while enjoying the sounds of my lovely girls playing together. Occasionally it's because Dh has taken them to the park - but those '5 minutes' are usually preceeded by my girls playing together in a very unpleasant way!! I spend *those* five minutes trying to regain my sanity.


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