Tuesday, October 26, 2010

day 25: laugh laugh laugh

random things that make me laugh

1. the phrase "loose purler"
Don't ask why, it's just pretty funny.

2. That Toby is so obsessed with penguins, whom he calls Happy Shit (toddler translation Happy Feet), that he pulls all the books with penguins on their spine off the book shelf to look for the penguins in them. No, he hasn't learnt after the first time.

3.  That tinselling means dropping rubbish in Lily's world.  I love that she is horrified whenever she sees any "tinsel" on the ground.

4. The Goodies....still.

5. the number 69 written anywhere, yes juvenile I know...

6. Withnail and I... ridiculously, until I cry, no matter that I've watched it like 5 billion times.

7. my husband's blue/black colourblindness.

8. Toby blaming Andy "Daddddd-y!!" anytime he farts.

9. The silly jokes both my children tell me.

10. Red shoes; in a happy way.


  1. I too snigger at 69...apparently growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional :-)

    Last night (we are staying in a hotel for a few nights) I heard my Little Man fart and laugh - in his sleep! Which made me laugh too.

    And, I think most men have blue/black blindness...


  2. You've been tagged (because I love your blog!) Hope you'll check it out here: http://arslongavitabrevisblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/some-fun-stuff.html

  3. Happy Shit - how could that not make you smile everytime you hear it!! I love your post (and also admit to the 69 sniggering)!

  4. Cracked up here too at the Happy Shit :D

  5. Teeheehee Happy Shit.
    Loose purler.
    This post made me laugh. Thanks :)

  6. :) My daughter has been singing that 'forget you' song all week (you know the one where in the real version the 'f' word isn't 'forget'?) annnnywaaay, she's convinced that the word 'boyfriend' is actually 'butt freeze'!! and get's a cheeky grin on her face every time the song starts. so funny...


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