Friday, October 22, 2010

day 21: what i learnt today

Never under-estimate the enthusiasm of knitters.

When I posted the sign-up last night I based my expected number of sign -ups on a thread on Rav and was expecting 80, tops. by 10 am this morning my sign up form maxed out at 200. Well, actually it kept taking sign ups but only told me about the first 200.

Throughout the day I've had a steady stream of peeps asking, begging, pleading for a spot in the KAL. Just secretly, Idid not expect this, it's all a little daunting. Gosh, what are all these people expecting?

and you know what? I keep thinking about those people who followed the thread on Rav from the birth of the idea who may have missed out because I said the sign up would be open all week. :( To me, that's not right. So I decided tonight, I don't want them to miss out. That's not fair. Not when they may have thought they had all week to sign up. So if that's you, shoot me an email and let me know which KAL you want to do. I won't be able to get back to you straight away, I may not even get back to you before the end of the weekend as I'm going to visit my beautiful new nephew Otis, but I will get back to you. And you will be included.

And yes, I will leave the sign up open for the week, just email me as you guys have broken the sign up form.

Please be patient while I get this all sorted, the extra extra extra participants makes for a hell of a lot of extra work. It will take me a while to sort the extra stuff, and meanwhile I have a family to care for; nappies to change, washing to do, lunch and dinner to make, and perhaps even a little knitting to do.

Gotta share the knitting love around.


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  1. How gracious and sweet you are! And yes, you appear to have a very enthusiastic following in the knitting world. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend...

  2. Have a great weekend - try not to think about the KAL too much :) Don't worry about what we are expecting either - doing something I enjoy like knitting and ending up with a surprise is great! (and if Lily likes it I figure it should be OK!) Enjoy your new nephew:)

  3. Oh Georgie, you are so good. I've got my spot (squeeeee) but how lovely of you to want to make sure no-one is sad about missing out. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into something like this. You enjoy your weekend! xoxox

  4. You are too kind :)

    I hope everyone realises just how much work this is for you in the name of our fun.

  5. What a response! You are an amazing soul

  6. Hahahahaha!!!
    You make me laugh :) How did you not realise how popular it would be!
    Still - I think this will be a brilliant (albeit overwhelming) experience for all of us.
    Well done you :)

  7. Don't get freaked out by us. Srsly. We're enthusiastic, like a playful kitteh, not like a mob of boxing-day shoppers. We'll purr while we anticipate the ball of yarn we get to play with, and we'll be adorable while we do so. We might leave fur all over your lap, but we won't storm the building or stampede anyone. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend. xx

  8. WOW!!!
    You are amazing to be taking this on Georgie.
    How about jiust posting the piece of the pattern right here on your blog for everyone to see? Then it doesn't matter how many people are involved and there is much less preassure on you.
    Just a thought.
    Have a happy Friday and thank you.

  9. yeah, I was thinking the same as Kate, why not post it on the blog?

    and, like Tanja said, I think we'll all be nice about it (",)

  10. Georgie, you are an example of what most knitters I've met are all about. While I did get in with no effort on my part, I did feel for those that did not. Thank you. And keep your priorities. We will all be patient and wait if your family needs something.

  11. Thanks so much Georgie, you're a sweetie! I emailed last night and am sooo happy to hear I haven't missed out after all!

    What an enormous response you've had!

  12. You're so lovely! Thank-you! :)

  13. Georgie, you are so lovely. So much work! Maybe do as Kate suggested, make it a little easier on yourself.xx

  14. How much fun is the KAL going to be. Dont freak out about it too much, just look at it like an exciting adventure. We are the ones who will be doing the knitting and I am sure if anyone gets stuck on anything they can go to the rav forum and get help from others besides yourself. I am really looking forward to it. Enjoy your visit with your brand new nephew too.

  15. I'd follow it on your blog too, if that helped with administration of it...we want this to be fun for you too!

  16. So wonderful for you Georgie... I *do* apologise (again) for the pleading PM, but thank you for adding me to the list.

    Now I know how it is to be on the other side of the hyena-proof fence ;-) And now you do too!

  17. You are amazing, woman. A humungous thank you from the enthusiastic knitters :)

  18. Hope that you have a lovely weekend fillw ith newborn cuddles and a little knitting too. Take a deep breath - wow - that is alot of keen knitters:)

  19. You expected 80 tops? That's some serious under-estimation! Instead of receiving emails (which will require a lot of sorting, replying from your side), why not create a new post and/or a new sign-up form? People who have already signed up need not sign up. The new one will only be for er, new sign-ups.

  20. you are too kind! thanks for including me:)

  21. I'm not surprised it's so popular! I've been doing the Through The Loops Mystery Sock knitalong this month, and it's been really fun! I wouldn't be at all surprised if people trawl through ravelry to find new mystery knitalongs! And your patterns are good, too. I've just knitted Eden for my daughter, and it was a fast, slightly stretching (I learnt how to do a long tail cast on!!) knit. I'll be knitting more of your patterns in the future!

    I'm disappointed I've missed out on sign ups this time, but I'm still finishing my mystery socks and only found your blog today (via Knitter Sue)! I hope it goes really well :-)


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