Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day 12: the mystery knit

Did I tell you the mystery knit is finished?
Did I tell you I'm very excited about it?

so excited I thought I'd show you a bit of a preview pic.....

well, the knit is in there ;)

I love it when the bubbas are happy to just sleep anywhere. Tonight Toby was curled up on my lap having a feed all drowsy and dozy. He hopped off and wandered off, I assumed to the next room to climb in bed with Daddy. Five minutes later I looked behind me and found him curled up on my blocked knitting asleep.

Good thing there were no pins in it!!
Good thing for him it was already dry!!!

The colour is soooo gorgeous, and hopefully this picture tells you nothing at all except that it is yellow and knit in stocking stitch. hehehehe This is fun!!!!

See the WOOLganics balls in the front... I'm thinking about playing a bit of yardage chicken with them tomorrow...Right after I visit Twisted Threads, my LYS for their sale!!! I'll be picking up some Sublime organic cotton, me thinks ;)

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  1. What a beautiful little boy :)

  2. soo cute that Toby!
    OOh, yummy yellow whatever it is :)

  3. Cute photo!!!! He is a wee treasure! I don't usually like yellow but that colour actually appeals. Interested as heck to know what it is though! LOL

  4. Sweet boy. Your a mean mumma though - love your work and the colour.


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