Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blogtoberfest. ~ day 2 (somewhere in the world)

So I'm not quite on top of this blogtober thing yet and almost forgot my day two post! Lucky I live in the southern hemisphere, so technically it is still October 2nd somewhere in the world!

We took the kiddies out for Chinese at our local last night, which is always loads of fun and an experiential eating experience for them. It's walking distance which makes it even better, though I'm not surer why it always seems to be the five year old hitching a ride in the pram at the end of the night and the not-yet two year old walking. Hmmm.

We were all so tuckered out we were all asleep by 10pm. That would be a first (and totally my excuse for forgetting my blog post). Chose the right night for an early one though, as I noticed DST ticked over, so it's an hour later than it normally would be. So of course, I'm bright eyed and awake now and have been for about an hour. Not that I'm out of bed, nooooooooooo! Not when I've got a cute little baby boy to snuggle with.

Mmm, not getting up to get my camera so the photo this morning is one of my favs from our recent trip to "the block".

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  1. Nice photo, specially since the little man still has all his hair ;)

  2. Nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with Blogtober already :) It's only day 3 and already I'm specialising in the 11pm posts. Sigh. I'll get there!! I hope you do too :)

  3. Sheryl, I think the 11pm posts will be my forte this October!


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