Monday, October 18, 2010

day 16-ish, sort of, well, let's just pretend, ok....

Gosh, I just love this photo.

I'm ever so proud of this photo I took of Lily today.  You would not believe from this photo how incredibly hard it is to get a good photo of her, you wouldn't believe how many I have to take of her to get a couple of good shots.  She is the original flipperty jibbiert, the arms go up, she spins around, opens the mouth wide, kicks her legs up, pretends to fly, grimaces, jumps around, pulls her dress up and flashes her bum at me, sticks her tongue out, looks up at the sky, and generally just goes a little silly when the camera comes out.

The purpose of this photo was to try and capture this test knit in progress for my testers who will be starting on theirs in the next days.  How exciting!!!

The only problem is that I really wasn't able to capture this, the babydoll petal, perfectly.  Have a careful look at this:

Notice that hemline?
See how it's pulling in, rather than out (as a ruffle should).  Notice the stitch marker, the knitting cable ends; all holding the garment together while it waits to be finished... yep, this is one of the knitting dangerously results. Pretty yarn, isn't it?  It comes from Never Ending Obsessions

And some more gorgeous shots of my Lily Rainbow. Man she blows me away with her gorgeousness some times!!


and this..

gee, she's getting so all grown up!


  1. They really are beautiful photos, what a lovely little girl you have.

  2. sigh.. yes she is gorgeous both inside and out. Could have something to do with having such ace parents :)

  3. I've linked to your blog. You can find my post here

  4. Gorgeous shots. And I totally hear you on the photography thing - our girls must go to the same modelling school!

  5. awwwwwww what a lovely set of photos! :)

  6. Is it knit from the bottom up? My suggestion is to do a loopy bottom which would be like cast on three times the number of stitches and cast off two and knit one of the next row if you get me ... to give the bottom some weight and flare ..

  7. oh they are gorgeous photos of her! she looks like a little garden fairy!



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