Monday, October 18, 2010

day 18: spring clean

Today i indulged in a little bit of work avoidance; avoided the vacuuming, avoided tackling the washing and folding, avoided quite a bit of housework by finding a far more urgent job that needed my attention....

a bit of a spring clean to my blog .

new banner, cleaner background, a bit more "space".

I said goodbye to the fabric addict. I'm still a fabric addict, total ho really, but given there's so much more knitting on this blog now I thought it was time to go. Next I might register a domain name...maybe, if I can get that organised.

It feels fresh for me, just right for Spring.
I hope you like it too.

maybe now the Spring weather will finally come back and stay.


  1. It's cold here - brrr - Kids are back in there Milo's in October in Brsbane - odd odd odd. (good that they are getting a little more wear out of them before I have to knit them the next size though:)

    New blog banner looks great - I really need to learn how to do that:)

  2. THe new blog banner look lovely.
    Just love your patterns - you are a true inspiration.
    I am keen for the mystery KAL - how do I sign up have tried finding out in the ravelry group but can't seem to work it out - sorry for being a bit slow there

  3. Love the new look! And the banner is gorgeous - great colour for your text.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Sun is out today, yay!!

    Janey, I shall out the sign up later today as well as a link on Rav to it.


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