Saturday, August 04, 2007

In girly mode.

Been playing with this dress idea for a while now, and yeah!! It's always feels so good when the pictures in your mind translates exactly to what you create :D At this stage, I'm really happy with this dress, and in the progressive try on stages it looked good. So hopefully, it still will when Lily tries it on again tomorrow.... after I get some more buttons. Who would believe that with all the red buttons in my button jars there was only one that was the right shade? Why are most red buttons a slightly orangish shade instead of a true red anyway? That bugs me.

So back to the dress, it's made from quilters cotton, with the skirt being Michael Miller's Carousel. This comes from Lily's fabric stash ~ so yes this will be for her, and yes this is going to be the last piece of clothing she gets with horses on it. I think I might take her for a ride on the carousel in Geelong to take photos of her in it. I actually meant to make a dress out of this material for to wear on her 2nd birthday day out to the carousel.

And more girly goodness. I'm working on some stock for August. I'm stocking randomly throughout August except for a special stocking for Children's Book Week, 18 - 24. So the first cab off the rank is some little peasant skirts I've been working on lately, these will go up individually over the next week.

The theme for this year's book week is READiscover which ties in nicely with some of the plans we have for our stocking which will be all about rediscovering some classic stories.

For me, the most exciting part of book week is the preceding Friday when the Children's Book Council announces the book of the year in a number of categories. Lily was born in the same year as "Where is the Green Sheep?" won the Early Childhood section; she actually attended a local function where a CBC judge spoke.

If you'd like to learn more about the awards or the council you can find it here

There will also be a very special pikki tint outfit released for Book Week; this one will be gender neutral :D

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