Monday, August 20, 2007

Children's Book Week

I love Children's Book Week. When I'm teaching I look forward to it every year and eagerly read all the shortlisted books anticipating and trying to guess what will be judged the winner. I must say though that the focus of my reading has changed somewhat since having Lily. I used to read the books for younger and older readers, now it's the childhood section.

The winners this year all look great but I must say I've only read those from the Childhood section hehehe. You can check out the winners here.

Anyway, to celebrate Children's Book Week we decided to have a little book themed stocking based on this year's theme of READiscover. This all went up last night.

Dreamtime Stories Denim shorts ~ size 1

"Long, long ago in The Dreamtime, the earth was in darkness. Animals and birds lived by the light of the moon and stars and they knew only the night."
'How the Sun Was Made' from "Tales of the Dreamtime"
collected by K. Langloh Parker

Treasure Island Bootleg Pants ~ size 1
(I did get a bt of a giggle out of the fact that I'd make the Treasure Island pants bootlegs LOL)

"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest— Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"
Robert Louis Stevenson

An Ode to Lily Flared Pants ~ size 2
"The next Saturday, Lily's Aunt Jemima took Lily shopping. "Hold tight to Blue Kangaroo, said Aunt Jemima.
On the bus Lily met a nice lady wearing a large pink hat.
"I love buses," said Lily, as they reached their stop..."
'Where Are You Blue Kangaroo'
by Emma Chichester Clark

"Everyone told Lily Hippo she was too loud.
"Lily Hippo, keep it down please - I can't hear myself think!" said Dad.
'Too Loud Lily'
by Sofie Laguna

Swiss Family Robertson Flares ~ size 1

"Fritz and I looked about for some small empty firkins; these we tied two and two together with handkerchiefs or towels, leaving about a foot distance between them, and fastened them as swimming-jackets under the arms of each child, my wife at the same time preparing one for herself. We provided ourselves with knives, some string, some turfs, and other necessaries which could be put into the pocket, proceeding upon the hope that, if the ship went to pieces in the night, we should either be able to swim to land, or be driven thither by the waves."
Johann Wyss

Little Red Riding Hood Skirt ~ size 2

"There was once a sweet little maiden, who was loved by all who knew her; but she was especially dear to her grandmother who couldn't make enough of the child. Once she gave her a little red velvet cloak. It was so becoming and she liked it so much that she would never wear anything else, and so she got the name of Red Riding Hood.
Grimm Brothers

The Golden Goose Denim shorts ~ size 1

"Simpleton cut down the tree, and when it fell, lo and behold! a goose was sitting among the roots and its feathers were of pure gold."
Grimm brothers

And another little pair of shorts I've done recently as an instock.

I have a gorgeous little size 1 appliqued pinnie all finished and ready to go up bar the buttons. I found in my button tin the most perfect matching buttons, but one has now gone missing. I'm not sure whether it has disappeared back into the jar or whether it's gone with all Lily's "lovely things". But if I find it tonight it will be up tomorrow afternoon/evening ;)


  1. did you find that button Tikki?



  2. yay I did! :D

    But then I decided it really needs bigger buttons LOL off to the LFS tomorrow I think!!!

  3. I love this range Georgie! I'm a big fan of book week and though I didn't pick the winner in the Early Childhood section I did buy both of the Honourable Mentions. Amy and Louis just wasn't quite relevant to my girls.

    Great work!


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