Sunday, July 29, 2007

band camp for grown ups

I guess that's sort of what you call a band reunion, what 15 years (???) after they split up.

So this weekend we've played host to the reunion of Andy's band Ice Has No Germs, who haven't played together for quite some time after one of them had a bit of a melt down, as muso are inclined to. They were a 90s Ballarat band at a time when independent music was huge in the Rat, we used to spend our nights at the Bridge Mall Inn and the Camp Hotel *ah sigh* fond memories. They never really amounted to much, they were only just really getting it together and mastering their thing when Jos's ego took off taking his body with it. Their acclaim: hmm, flooding Redwood studios and possibly doing damage to the career of Dennis Walter, playing with The Dead Salesmen (still one of my all time favourite bands ever), supporting Weddings Parties Anything and Nick Barker, and a Live to the Wireless on 3BBB.

Andy, Kenny and Tim are still the only ones really pursuing their music. Kenny is now a really accomplished guitarist and a dab hand with editing and electronica musiccy stuff(you can tell I know all the technical terms, huh) Tim still plays drums and also is supremo on the violin. And Andy, well he loves his bass and garage band and is now bugging me to buy some Mbox thingy. Andy has a myspace page with his solo stuff on it but I don't know the address *oops*

Anyway, this meant we had an extra three men and one teenage boy in our house, so my sewing room became a sleeping room. I did do some procrastinating over my poncho, which is in the sin bin until my Knitpicks arrive, knitted Tully's Piggle up to where I need to swap to dpns (which are otherwise engaged on a pair of socks) and knitted about 30 rows of a lace mohair scarf.

Lily and I did make some awesome biscuits and a brown cake (not chocolate according to Lily) which was apparently a birthday cake for Angel, one of her Little People.

Here the gorgeous one is with Daddy's "piano ears" on. She's a beautiful singer apparently, well that's what she told me anyway.


  1. crazy house tik! bet it was lots of fun though.
    love the shot of your little muso.

  2. How my heart aches for the Bridgy and the Camp. I had a beer at the Camp after every one of my year 12 exams... It is a damn Irish McDonald's now ::::shakes fist at sky:::


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