Monday, August 06, 2007

This could be a little embarrassing..

but not for me hehehe....

I was thinking about Lily's carousel dress and how the style reminded me of one Mum made for us kiddies (actually there may have been two?) I had a look through some photos and found a pic of me in it but as I was sitting behind a table and the photo was in black and white you really couldn't see it. Then I remembered these photos..

The dark haired little girl is my niece Brooke, and the pretty little blond thing is my nephew Joshua, he's wearing the dress I was thinking of. (Josh didn't usually wear dresses but we when he'd come into visit Gran his naughty aunties would sometimes dress him up LOL he liked being like his big sis ~ awww) He's about 3 here and Brooke would have been 6 (now 17 and 20 respectively) From the side profile Josh looks a bit like Lily.

The bodice is a little different as is the style of the skirt, this one's more Aline whereas Lily's is fuller and gathered.

And the dress Brooke is wearing was a gorgeous little halter style; I loved that fabric, it was sort of like a cord but not a cord.

Anyway, while I'm posting these pics I know my sister (the mum of these two and five extras) reads my blog so while I remember I'll ask her if she has this dress?


  1. ohhh i love those photos tik! I actually remember another one of Josh dressed up lol! How clever is Mum! That dress is so cute. c'mon J do you have it? i've got the one chook is wearing ;)

  2. Oh how funny! Juwles you should get Josh on to look at these! Glad his fashion sense has changed a bit!! Bad bad Aunties he has...

  3. oh boy I aint gonna show him this!! lol
    i thought i actually still had both of there was 2 of each of them only the one josh has on the other is opposite colors, ie skirt blue and top white.. i think.... i might even still have the pattern to it!! have got most of mum's old kiddie patterns...hehehehe
    boy aren't you aunties glad his tastes have changed slightly!!! lol

  4. oh forgot to say josh is only 2 in these pics...Brooke is 5..

  5. those dresses would look very cute on Lily and Tully ;) LOL

    OOh, and the patterns would also look lovely in my vintage pattern collection if they're crowding up your sewing room *hint hint* LOL I think I missed out by having a baby 4th in line :(


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