Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lily in her horsie number at last!!

You may remember a while ago the lovely Demon Deeva sent Lily some cool horse fabric. I made this outfit from the fabric but just couldn't get a picture of Lily in it; it seemed every time I would put it on her she'd manage to spill something on herself within the first five minutes and end up grubby.... so finally here are some photos. And yes, as you can see she was trying her hardest to spoil the shoot by getting all wet.

The pants are a denim hemp, which I am loving. Lily has been trialling it for the last few months and it has washed up really well so it will be making an appearance in the Book Week stocking this weekend.

The lime tshirt has a square of pink chenille and then the cute horsie. I had this pink chenille skirt hanging in my cupboard that I had bought at a market for $5 and strangely enough had never worn, I mean, a shapeless chenille skirt is really very flattering!!! But at least the chenille is now being put to good use. I did also make a hair bow out of the chenille as well but we'd left that in Adelaide when these photos were taken ;)

Lily loved this outfit so much she had to wear it to bed that night LOL


  1. a gorgeous outfit for a gorgeous girl!

  2. Awww that's way too cute! Glad she loves the print :)


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