Monday, August 06, 2007

Some lovely shopping :D

Ventured to the Spotlight sale in the hope of getting some nice cheap yarn in their sale. OMG had they been picked dry by Sunday !!! But I still managed to score 10 balls of pink Jet all in the same dyelot for $3 a ball and 3 balls of Cocoon 4 ply for $3 a ball so not too bad really. Also got some nice brown homespun and a pretty brown spotted fabric (neither of which were on sale but shall be perfect for Tully's owl dress)

Lily loves buttons and actually has a real eye for selecting funky buttons. For once they actually had some really lovely ones in their tubes, just really didn't need them for anything specific. But I couldn't resist these cute little girl and the goose ones ~ awww! I have no idea what I will use them for but had to have them. Lily chose the blue ones with the stars embossed in them, they too were too nice to leave behind. We did, however, leave behind the cat, dog, ladybirds and gingerbread men that she added to our basket.

And OMG how absolutely gorgeous is this fabric that arrived today!!! (They're all fairy tale prints) This is just a little preview of some of the fabrics that I shall be using for the Book Week stocking. After following a link on the lovely Lottielulu blog I arrived at the most divine new store Retro Mummy. Given how much I LOOOOOOOOOVE Japanese fabrics, this was like being in a lolly shop. I really had to try to resist buying the whole shop out. Really cute and stunning stuff and Corrie's service is impeccable! The trims are also to die for and I got some for Tully's dress too with owls on it


  1. just wanted to say that you Lottielulu link is taking me to some biblerama site... arghhh! Love the new dress sytle you're working on, btw :o)

  2. link worked for me sherrin. too funny though
    love that fabric tik

  3. I fixed it :D that's what happens when you write blogpsot LOL

  4. oh I love the fabrics you bought! off to look

  5. ohhhhhhhhhh it all looks so nice there!


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