Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'what's In Your Knitting Bag?' Challenge

I'm joining in the lovely Bec's What's In Your Knitting Bag? Challenge. At home I don't really use a knitting bag, I used to but it got too messy. So now I use this cane basket which I can close the lid on and hide things away :) It's far roomier than a bag too ;)

So here's what's in it:

Fibre Trend Patterns for a dress and some ballet shoes ( Lily keeps telling me she wants those shoes)
Stitch'n'Bitch a very well flicked copy
Poncho from Jo Sharp Contemporary Knitting waiting to be frogged as it is too narrow (damn sub yarn)
Scarf in lace pattern
Zig Zag rib vest from Jo Sharp Knit 3; back done front just started
Rainy Day sock the rest of the ball is in there too waiting for me complete
Clinique makeup bag holding all my little tools, dpns, crochet hooks, cable needles, scissors, measuring tape, and odd scraps of yarn
Cotton Face cloth on the needles out of Jo Sharp DK cotton in Azul
Cotton Face cloth finished, from Debbie Bliss DK cotton in mauve
Waverley Woollen Mills yarn sample card Lily uses this to knit with ;)
Mini M&M container this contains all my stitch markers
MonsterKnits Business card
KikkiK notebook details of what's in my stash and what I'm working on
stray cable needle
Knitting needles; Lily's duckie pair, a wooden pair and a rosewood dpn.
Books hats, gloves, scarves and Contemporary knitting
Yarn magazine
Folder with printouts of patterns downloaded
KnitPicks Love them!!!

Told you that basket fits a lot. There was another project bag nearby containing some UFOs but that's a bit of a tangled mess LOL When I travel I use my Oi Oi nappy bag which has been rejuvenated as a part time knitting bag. :D

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