Friday, August 24, 2007

A quick preview

Up late last night finishing off these pants. It's always nice when the bubby goes to bed at a reasonable time and allows me some sewing time LOL Oh, and contrary to my last post they're actually both size 2s; denim flares and cord bootlegs. I'm off for a hairdo this morning so shall add some elastic to their waists and upload this afternoon (all going well)
And I thought I'd share some pics from these very special books. The following images all come from 3D Puppet Wonder Books, which I've had since my childhood. I must have liked these a lot as I have a few, and they are just soooo cute!!! I love the little puppets!! I'm sure you can guess what fairy tale each image comes from :D

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  1. Oh I have a few of those and love them!!


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