Saturday, July 14, 2007

Some very special fabric

Yummo!!! Fabrics don't come much better than these hand printed beauties. I have been stalking a couple of Aussie fabric designers for quite some while and finally managed to score myself these very special pieces of Kristen Doran fabric. The little owls is for Tully, for a special little dress. I need to sit and gaze at it for awhile before I work out exactly what I am going to do with it. The piece is 56 x 45 cm. I have a few ideas brewing here, probably going to use the right hand side for the front of a short little pinnie style dress and then do the back in a chocolate. Add a little pocket of owls on the back of the dress and also add them as pockets to a pair of pants to go with it. The big owls could then go on the front of a bag I can pack the whole outfit in which she can then use as a library bag.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Kristen was so lovely to deal with, she even sent me a second of her Mollybirds fabric as she forgot to send out my order. How awesome is that!!!! This one is going to be for something for me, and may even possibly grace some black hemp denim in an adult size pinnie ... for me. I've been meaning to make my pinnie design in adult size.....

And in other blog catch up (which is what I feel like I'm doing at the moment LOL) just before we went to Adelaide I received these gorgeous knitted wash clothes from a very lovely friend. They are knitted from an organic cotton and are just lush ~ too nice to use really... but I will:D SO a huge thanks to Ali, they are just beautiful and I love them, I've wanted to try some for a long time but never got around to knitting some for myself and I don't think mine would have been as special as these ones are!

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  1. love the fabric tikki! and we love your plans for it! Very very excited here.

    the wash cloths look fantastic too.


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