Friday, July 13, 2007

and some longies for Lily

Finished these while we were in Adelaide too, Lily's first pair of nappy free longies (if you don't count the pair I accidentally shrunk in the washing machine when they snuck in with the nappies *00ps*) I knitted the last of the legs on the way over and completed the black cuffs there. Such long legs ~ 32cm!!!!!

This yarn is the most luscious and soft Four Bags Full Merino and it was custom dyed by Rach from Stitch Sista sometime last year. I decided to save it for longies for this winter and I'm glad I did; even though I didn't acually envisage that Lily would be totally out of nappies by 26 months.

The dye job on this yarn is just gorgeous, it's hard to pick up the beautiful variations in the colour from these photos, but it is stunning. I shall take some close up photos in better light tomorrow. I love the way this yarn knits, it has such beautiful stitch definition and just glides off the needles. I used the Perfection Pants pattern but with just some increases at the back as per the Picky Pants pattern (although in hindsight these probably weren't necessary) No short rows, stocking stitch gusset, and straight legs until the knees where they begin to flare out, finished with black cuffs and waistband, cuffs in moss stitch. They are a very funky pair of longies and the perfect fit :D Lily says they're "gorgeous trousers". Ah she knows how to make her mummy very happy.


  1. They look great! I am going to have to make some longies for Sam to fit over undies, he wants t wear his longies now and keeps hoiking them up :P


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