Thursday, July 12, 2007

home again

We spent last week in Adelaide visiting Megsie, Lachie, Tully and Asher. It was very wet and cold; I don't know what it is with Adelaide but every time we're there the weather is extreme; hot, cold or wet. But regardless, we had a terrific time the girls had an absolute ball playing together and Lily is really missing her "best friend" Tully. They really are such good little mates, it's fantastic.

We visited the farm barn for a little pre birthday celebration for Tully which the girls just loved. Lily was very fond of the kangaroos and discovered a new game not dissimilar to cow tipping, which involved her trying to get the kangaroos to jump ~ very naughty!!! Tully got to feed a lamb a bottle which was a bit special!!

Caught up with some of the fabulous Adelaide NC girls and our visit happily coincided with a visit south from the lovely Lesley from Cherubs Kiss.
I've been straight back into the sewing and managed to finish another pikki tint collaboration that has been hanging over my head. This is a long length pinnie for the bigger girls, today's dark and rainy weather was not at all conducive for photography so at this stage all there is are sneak peek pics. But I must say it is pretty damn cute!!!! Hopefully I will be able to update the pics tomorrow.

I also fixed and finished Lily's oops dress (see previous post) ~ it's also very cute and I shall take some pics of it tomorrow when she tries it on. She's a bit stoked that the rocking horse dress did, in fact, turn out to be hers.


  1. Oh don't these two girls look stunning! Think they should wear these masks in January?? They would look ace with a pretty dress..

  2. Don't even think about it Liz, they'd probably jump at the chance and before you know it they'll be in wings, tiaras and animal masks. I believe Tully wanted to wear her teddy one to the shops LOL


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