Friday, July 27, 2007

Isla's on her way

It is hard saying goodbye to pieces like this.

I adore this dress and must say it's one of the most awesome things Megsie and I have created. We were pretty stoked with the response to it too, I must say :D But it has been time to say goodbye to it this week, I couldn't just wrap it up and send it though. It needed a special wrapping. sooooo......

I made this little bag to put the dress in. It's new owner will hopefully like it too and get lots of use out of it. It's lined with the same denim as the pinnie is made of. The top of the bag is slightly elasticised to make it sit nicer.

Bye bye Isla!


  1. you guys are so talented! Isla really was a beautiful piece :D

  2. Wow, how did I never see that??? It is utterly gorgeous!!!


  3. love love love it! i especially love that bag!


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